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Regular air conditioner maintenance is essential if you want your air conditioner to always run efficiently. This makes it simpler to identify and fix current problems before they get worse and helps prevent the onset of any aircon problems like an aircon leaking water.

Most individuals may be hesitant to contact an air conditioning servicing professional because they are worried about how long the job would take. If you happen to be of them, take note of the factors that can affect the duration of professional aircon servicing:


Amount Of Dirt


Dirt and debris can accumulate over time in an air conditioning system. This can lead to numerous cooling issues. The dirtier the aircon, the longer it will take to fully service the unit. Therefore, it is crucial that one hires a professional to perform aircon cleaning properly to ensure functionality. 

Contact DW Cleaning via Whatsapp for all your aircon servicing needs. Our professional technicians can expunge pollutants wedged deep in your air conditioner. 


Aircon Parts That Need Replacing


Your aircon may have some damaged components, depending on how long ago was the aircon installation performed. It could be essential to completely replace these components if the damage is quite severe. A severely damaged component will likely require a replacement. When spotted during the onsite maintenance, the ensuing replacement sourcing can be time consuming. This is especially so if you are using an older aircon model.


Number Of Aircon Issues Present


The time required to service your home or office air conditioner also depends on how many problems there are. Normal aircon servicing might be sufficient if there are just one or two little problems. However, extensive aircon servicing will probably be required if your unit has serious issues, such a gas leak in the air conditioner.

Call a professional today to prevent significant air conditioning issues that will necessitate costly aircon repair. An expert can assist in preventing any problems that could cause your air conditioner to break down or perhaps suffer irreversible harm. Additionally, our team of experts can provide you some valuable advice on how to extend the lifespan of your unit.



It is best to regularly engage aircon servicing professionals to avoid issues such as an aircon not cold, faulty air conditioning components, and other air conditioning-related problems. If these are neglected, it could take longer to service the appliance and restore it back to working order. Therefore, get in touch with DW Cleaning to avoid them. Your air conditioner is less likely to develop any problems that can make it ineffective if you hire a professional to perform the aircon services. For more information on our servicing costs, please contact us for a price quote. 


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