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Air conditioners have improved comfort and simplified household tasks for many Singaporean homeowners. Some opt for professional aircon installation, while others opt for technicians who neglect guidelines and cause issues like aircon water leaks. To ensure a proper aircon installation, avoid these common HDB aircon installation mistakes.


Neglecting to Maintain Fresh Air Inside


Whether you have a Mitsubishi or Daikin air conditioner, the main goal of these units is to enhance indoor air quality for a more pleasant living space. However, it’s crucial to make sure your home’s air is clean before your new air conditioner is installed, as pollutants can impact the circulated air. These pollutants can also be harmful if breathed in. To ensure your home has clean indoor air and to avoid any unpleasant odors from your air conditioner, be sure to get rid of decomposing items like spoiled food or garbage. Keep in mind though that the air quality in your home also depends on how often you do aircon cleaning.


Disregarding Leaks


If you feel that your air conditioner isn’t cooling well or isn’t working properly after installation, it’s crucial to check for any leaks in the refrigerant and make sure to determine if your aircon leaking water or gas. These leaks not only impact your AC’s efficiency but also increase your electricity consumption. Moreover, they can lead to safety hazards and accidents if ignored.

Some reasons why your aircon might be leaking water are factors like poor maintenance or improper installation. If you encounter such issues, it’s recommended to get in touch with expert air conditioning services to handle the repair or replacement of your refrigerants.


Opting for an AC Installation Service Company with Limited Experience

Due to many homeowners’ lack of knowledge in engaging the best aircon installer services, they often end up hiring inexperienced technicians for installation. This can lead to frequent malfunctions as well as signs that you need an aircon repair. To avoid this, it’s crucial to have your air conditioner installed by a reputable company specializing in professional servicing to ensure proper setup and optimal functioning.


Setting up an Air Conditioner that is Too Big or Too Small


Many individuals make the mistake of choosing an air conditioner that is either too small or too large for their homes. If you choose an air conditioner that is too small, it might be difficult for it to ventilate the whole room. This inadequacy may result in damage to the compressor or other issues within the air conditioning system which can become reasons why your aircon does not cool properly. Conversely, opting for an oversized unit can make your home excessively cold and hinder your ability to carry out daily tasks comfortably. 


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Achieving a successful HDB aircon installation requires careful consideration and adherence to essential guidelines. Neglecting indoor air quality, ignoring refrigerant leaks, opting for inexperienced installation services, and choosing an improperly sized air conditioner are common mistakes that can lead to inefficiencies, increased costs, and potential safety hazards. To ensure optimal functioning and longevity of your air conditioning unit, it is crucial to prioritize clean indoor air, promptly address leaks, choose experienced installation services, and carefully select the appropriate size and brand for your home. 

 By avoiding these common mistakes, homeowners can enhance their comfort, energy efficiency, and overall satisfaction with their air conditioning systems. Additionally, for the longevity of your newly installed aircon, it is vital to know how often you should schedule aircon maintenance to ensure optimal performance.


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