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Professional carpet cleaning services in Singapore typically cost anywhere from $50 to $400, or even more. While the base price varies from one company to the next, there are multiple factors that can drive up the cost of the final bill. These are explained below: 


Factors that determine the price of carpet cleaning

  • Carpet Size

Carpets can come in a variety of sizes – some big, some small. At the base level, a larger carpet will not only require more effort to clean, but also more time and cleaning products. This is why carpet cleaning, like other cleaning services that companies like DW Cleaning Group provide, are typically charged correspondingly to its size.


  • Carpet Material


Likewise, carpets can come in a variety of materials, with corresponding levels of toughness. This means that cleaning different carpet materials will require different procedures and/or supplies. For example, luxurious carpets will be more costly to clean because special care has to be afforded to preserve the more delicate carpet fibres. This is one of the important reasons why you should engage a professional carpet cleaning service


  • Experience of a company


A company’s experience in cleaning services usually determines how much it charges its services. A newer company may sometimes offer a low price for their carpet cleaning services to attract and retain more clients. However, this may come at the cost of service quality, since their cleaners may not have enough expertise to perform the job properly.

Conversely, cleaning companies that have been operating in Singapore for years may charge more because their extensive experience allows them to offer higher quality services, with access to the required resources to get the job done and treat common carpet problems.


  • How Dirty Is The Carpet


In cases where the carpets are extremely dirty, it may not be feasible for the professional to conduct onsite cleaning. He/she might need to bring the carpet back to the factory for a proper carpet deep cleaning. This process will usually incur additional costs, due to the extra resources required. 



The amount of money you will need for your carpet to be cleaned or vacuumed by professional cleaners in Singapore will vary from different factors like the material or fabric used, rug size, experience of the service provider, and how dirty the carpet is. When choosing a professional carpet cleaner, it is highly recommended that you engage a professional that is experienced and well-trained, like DW Cleaning


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