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No matter how pristine a marble floor appears, if it is not properly maintained, it will eventually lose its glossiness and brightness. Fortunately, professional marble floor polishing can be done to restore the beauty of your floor.

Like wood polishing, there are several marble floor polishing techniques that are well-liked in Singapore. You can choose the approach that works best for your marble flooring from the list we have provided below:


Grinding with Diamond Abrasives

Marble and other natural stone floors can be polished with diamond polishing. It also eliminates minor blemishes and light scratches while replenishing and restoring the natural marble finish and texture.

If you choose this technique, your floor will be polished with diamonds of finer grit. The higher the diamond sands, the deeper and higher the polish will be. The process can be a bit time consuming. Therefore, most people would rather opt for a professional floor polishing service for the sake of convenience.




Another technique for marble polishing is coating, often known as waxing, which uses semi-liquid polish, acrylics, urethane, or other types of polymers to provide an artificial gloss.

During coating, the polish of choice is applied to the marble floor’s surface using a sprayer, floor roller, or mop. One of the benefits of engaging a professional floor polishing service is that they are fully equipped with machines like a floor burnisher that plays a big role for this technique to achieve the desired level of shine. 


Polishing Powder


This marble polishing technique uses aluminum granules or tin oxide powder. It is applied on the marble floor’s surface and is gently buffed or rubbed. To achieve a better result, oxalate or oxalic acid is sometimes added during the polishing. After being dusted on the floor’s surface, the powder is combined with water to make a paste. The floor is subsequently polished using a weighted floor machine, which is then outfitted with a polishing pad.

Marble flooring’s top layer is removed by polishing powders, exposing the shining part underneath. The process is comparable to diamond polishing, but with finer powder. Now if you are deciding between DIY floor polishing vs professional floor polishing, it is strongly advised to let a professional do it for you since this technique might require several days to complete.




In this floor polishing method, the fluorosilicate is sprayed on the floor surface. After that, steel wool pads are used to buff it, creating fresh glass crystals. The crystals are then shaped and polished using a floor machine with a heavy drive plate to generate the heat and friction needed.

Crystallization is a relatively inexpensive marble polishing process. However, doing it yourself could severely damage your marble floors. Therefore, it is best carried out by a hired professional. We advise you to contact DW Cleaning, a floor polishing professional that can help identify and perform the finest polishing technique for each unique scenario.



Installing marble floors enhances the look of your house, but it  needs a regular floor polishing to keep its shine. The type of marble floors you have will determine the type of polishing that needs to be done. These techniques include crystallization, coating, polishing powders, and grinding with diamond abrasives. If you are unsure of what technique is best for your marble floor, it is best to get in touch with a professional like DW Cleaning, especially if you do not have the right equipment needed for any of these techniques.  


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