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In Singapore, a significant number of individuals rely on residential or commercial/industrial aircon servicing to combat the intense tropical heat. Nevertheless, prolonged and unattended usage of these units can lead to operational issues, necessitating costly air conditioning repairs or maintenance services.

To safeguard your installed air conditioning system from potential permanent damage, it is crucial to acquaint yourself with prevalent issues that demand professional aircon servicing. Some of these issues encompass:


Thermostat Problem


If you observe a discrepancy between your room temperature and the settings on your thermostat, or if your installed air conditioning system unexpectedly ceases operation, you may be encountering a thermostat-related issue. Attempting to troubleshoot your aircon by yourself is not advisable. Such endeavors may result in substantial damage and precipitate air conditioning emergencies, necessitating costly aircon repairs. In such cases, you should opt for an aircon servicing company that employs qualified professional technicians to address these issues competently and efficiently, ensuring the proper resolution of your concerns.


The Level of Refrigerant is Low

Ensuring the meticulous execution of aircon repairs and aircon gas top-ups is crucial for optimal performance. Fortunately, one thing you can expect from professional aircon servicing is that they always ensure a professional approach to every aircon problem you encounter. They specialize in routine air conditioning servicing for numerous households across Singapore, addressing any issues with precision and efficiency.


The Air Filters Have Accumulated Dirt


If your aircon is not cold, it may be indicative of clogged air filters. A dirty air filter is one of the reasons why your aircon is not cold, it obstructs the proper release of air from the unit. Regular maintenance of your air filters is crucial to ensure optimal performance. Therefore, end-users will benefit from opting for an aircon servicing contract as it helps to prevent such problems that can affect the overall performance of your aircon unit.


Dirty Compressor

Needless to say, an outdoor compressor is normally installed outdoors. For this reason, it should be cleaned and maintained properly to ensure that it remains in good condition. Failing to do so could result in it becoming clogged which can cause the entire air conditioning system to break down. In case you experience difficulty cleaning your outdoor compressor yourself, engage an air conditioning service for assistance.


Poor Drainage Resulting to Water Leak

When a drain line becomes obstructed by lint, fur, and debris, it can result in the accumulation of water in the drain pan, potentially leading to a significant aircon water leak. Neglecting this issue may result in substantial damage. The reason why your aircon leaking water is the occurrence of severe cooling problems with your air conditioning system. Given that such leaks typically stem from damage to critical components of the air conditioning unit, you should not do DIY aircon servicing. Seeking professional assistance is the recommended course of action.


Contact DW Cleaning Services Group Singapore for Professional Aircon Servicing

If you notice these common aircon issues, you should reach out to a reputable aircon servicing provider like DW Cleaning Services Group Singapore. Our well-trained experts will arrive at your place on time, clean your aircon, and fix your aircon problems right away. Contact DW Cleaning Services Group Singapore to learn more about us and our professional aircon services.



Maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your aircon unit in Singapore requires awareness of common issues. From thermostat malfunctions to low refrigerant levels, dirty air filters, neglected compressors, and poor drainage, these issues can lead to significant problems if left unattended. Attempting DIY solutions may exacerbate the situation, resulting in costly repairs. To ensure quality service, one aircon servicing tip is to engage experienced and qualified professionals. These technicians possess the expertise to pinpoint and resolve issues with precision, thereby optimizing your aircon’s performance and preventing potential permanent damage. Additionally, opting for an aircon servicing contract can save you money in the long run, as it assures you to proactively tackle your aircon issues, safeguarding your investment and providing a reliable solution to combat the intense tropical heat.


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This article was reproduced from DW Aircon Servicing Singapore.