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Regular aircon servicing is vital for optimal performance, especially in Singapore where reliance on air conditioning is high. However, debunking common myths in the market is crucial to dispel hesitations and ensure accurate expectations.

This guide outlines common misconceptions and offers accurate information about professional aircon services, helping you make informed decisions based on reliable facts and dispelling any unfounded biases.


Myth 1: Running Units Don’t Need Servicing

A myth that can prove harmful when neglected. Many individuals overlook the upkeep of their air conditioning units while they are functioning well. It’s easy to forget that debris and dust continually accumulate in the ducts and various components of the system. However, things can happen if regular cleaning is not done, such as significant system and component issues.

Fact 1: Regular Maintenance Enhances the Energy Efficiency of Your Aircon


Dispelling the misconception that an operational air conditioner doesn’t require servicing, it’s crucial to acknowledge that frequent air conditioner cleaning and servicing contributes significantly to improving its energy efficiency. Regular maintenance ensures that your air conditioning unit remains high-performance and energy-efficient over time, emphasizing the importance of proper care for optimal functionality.

Myth 2: The Air Conditioner Operates Effectively Regardless of Its Location.

When it comes to aircon installation, the location is a crucial factor. Keep in mind that placing the unit in the wrong spot could lead to higher energy consumption and increased utility costs. It is advisable not to install the air conditioner near any electrical devices or in areas exposed to direct sunlight. Additionally, if you opt for professional installation, understanding how to engage the best aircon installer can provide peace of mind, ensuring that your unit is placed in the optimal location for efficient and effective performance.

Fact 2: Selecting the Appropriate Location Should Be Entrusted to An Aircon Axpert


Consider reaching out to a cost-effective aircon servicing company in Singapore. These professionals possess the knowledge and experience to thoroughly inspect your premises and recommend the most suitable location for installing your aircon. They aim to ensure optimal energy efficiency, preventing unnecessary consumption. Additionally, a skilled professional will offer valuable tips for aircon servicing and maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of your aircon, ensuring its long-term effectiveness.


Myth 3: Aircom Capacity is Solely Determined by Room Size

Room size isn’t the sole factor in determining the right air conditioner capacity. Besides dimensions, factors like room height, wall construction, furniture arrangement, electronic devices, outdoor unit size, and more should be considered. A thorough evaluation of these factors ensures a well-informed choice when selecting an air conditioner model.

Fact 3: Aircon Professionals Excel at Installing Air Conditioning Units.

professional-checking-the aircon-unit-4-myths-&-facts-you-should-know-about-aircon-servicing-dw-cleaning-services-group-singapore

One of the common mistakes when opting for professional aircon servicing or installation services is choosing an unlicensed aircon operator. Engaging uncertified individuals can lead to potential damage to your unit, leaving you without work assurance. Given the intricacies of air conditioning installation, it is wise to entrust the entire process to skilled professionals. These experts not only possess the necessary certifications but are also well-equipped to recommend the appropriate capacity for your air conditioning unit. They provide essential warranties on various services and assist in determining the optimal location for installation.


Myth 4: Utilizing a Fan to Expedite the Cooling Process

The idea of using a fan to enhance the cooling efficiency of a room is a misconception that can lead to confusion. Modern air conditioners are designed with optimal air circulation capabilities, rendering the addition of a fan counterproductive. In fact, employing a fan alongside an air conditioner can impede its efficiency and result in higher energy bills. It is crucial to perform the best aircon maintenance practices to ensure your air conditioning system operates at its maximum energy efficiency potential.

Fact 4: Maintain Your Air Conditioner for Optimal Performance

Many individuals often wonder who stands to benefit from opting for an aircon servicing contract. What they may not realize is that, beyond end-users, the overall performance of their aircon unit also reaps the rewards. Engaging contracted professionals ensures regular cleaning of the internal fan, a practice that significantly enhances the unit’s overall efficiency. To prevent strain on components, it’s advisable to avoid continuous usage. Instead, periodically turning off and restarting the unit promotes efficient operation and minimizes wear and tear. Embracing consistent maintenance practices becomes key to improving both the efficiency and lifespan of your air conditioner.


Myth 5: Changing Filters is Not Necessary

A myth that may cost you the life of your air conditioner. Dirty filters affect the performance of your aircon. It will stop the free flow of fresh air and put pressure on the compressor, which is among the reasons your aircon is not cold. Thus, while getting aircon servicing it is best to check them out regularly.

Fact 5: Consistent Changing of Aircon Filters


Once you have determined how often you should schedule aircon maintenance, make sure to notify the professionals to replace your air conditioner if necessary when they arrive.


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Debunking common myths surrounding aircon servicing is essential for maintaining optimal performance, particularly in high-dependency regions like Singapore. Emphasizing the importance of scheduling regular aircon maintenance ensures energy efficiency and the long-term effectiveness of your air conditioning system. Additionally, the location of the air conditioner during installation is a key factor in its efficiency, and entrusting this task to experienced professionals ensures proper placement for optimal energy consumption. Contrary to misconceptions, room size alone does not determine the right air conditioner capacity, as factors like room height, furniture arrangement, and more must be considered. The use of fans alongside air conditioners can be counterproductive, and regular filter changes are crucial for maintaining performance and preventing strain on the system. Embracing accurate information and relying on reputable aircon servicing professionals can help prevent the premature development of aircon repair signs, therefore ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your cooling system.

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