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Installing carpet flooring can enhance the appearance and comfort of your home. However, it can be easily damaged due to everyday traffic, accident spills, and especially if you don’t maintain or take proper care of it.

As a result, depending on how the carpet in question is typically used, a variety of issues frequently arise on our carpet flooring. In this article, we’ve highlighted some of the most typical issues that carpets run into, along with some proactive carpet cleaning steps you can take to protect your carpet from harm.



Static is an electric charge that can be produced by friction or induction. In general, nylon carpets generate higher electric charge than wool and polyester carpets. Any issue with static carpet can be effectively remedied by humidity. So, to add moisture to the air, use a humidifier. A few plants can also be kept at your office or bedroom as an alternative. Plants continuously add moisture to the atmosphere. Additionally, spray-on anti-static agents are available in the market.




Some little tuft will occasionally appear on the carpet’s surface, but it is less often than the other issues discussed in this article. If this occurs, simply use a pair of scissors to cut or shred the emerging tuft.

Avoid using a knife, for you might damage the carpet, or accidentally cut yourself. Neither should you be pulling the loose strands out of the carpet as this could harm it permanently. Just like how there are many reasons why you should hire a professional mattress cleaning company, it is recommended that you seek expert assistance instead of figuring it out on your own.


Soiling Of Filtration

These typically appear as black or grey line marks on the edges of stairs, rooms, or under doorways. Filtration typically happens when an air contaminant is either filtered or trapped in a carpet. It can also occur due to poor ventilation systems.

Vacuuming the edges will prevent filtration or soiling. Simply refraining from smoking within the house, lighting candles inside, or having all inside doors open to promote airflow will also help minimise pollution. Ventilation suffers when the inside doors are closed.

We strongly advise hiring expert carpet or rug cleaning services for water extraction treatment if soiling or filtration continues.


Colour Fading


If you do not properly maintain your carpet, colour fading could also happen. It is usually due to excessive heat, humidity, direct sunlight, or UV rays. Even improper washing techniques, harsh cleaning agents, or common household items can make the colour features vanish.

Implementing adequate carpet maintenance is required to avoid this issue. You might want to hire an expert to solve this problem.




One of the most frequent issues with carpet flooring, which frequently affects brand-new carpets, is carpet shedding. People who own carpets do not have the correct perception of shedding since salespeople frequently forget to inform the customer that the carpet typically sheds after being lodged or delivered to a home.

However, there is no need for concern. If you vacuum frequently, the shedding will eventually stop after a few months. While you cannot completely prevent carpet shedding, you can minimise the odds by not using vacuum cleaners with abrasive bristles.


Carpet Crushing Or Matting

The most common causes of a flattened carpet are matting and crushing issues. This is typically caused by untwisted fibres or a lack of pile thickness. Crushing or matting may happen when the fibres are subjected to intense pressure, such as that applied by heavy furniture or foot traffic.

Seeking professional help to manage this issue can help make the carpet look and feel more lovely and fresh. This not only significantly increases the carpet’s lifespan, but also prevents it from being a factor that affects the price of carpet cleaning in Singapore



Carpet flooring is one of the best ways to improve the look of your home, and at the same time makes it more comfortable for all family members and visitors. However, even for the most expensive carpets, common carpet problems are still unavoidable such as, static, sprouting of loose strands, soiling of filtration, colour fading, shedding and matting. Do not fret, as there are different ways to treat them. One way is by engaging with a professional carpet cleaner like DW Cleaning

Our staff are all trained and experienced to handle any carpet problems mentioned above. They handle it with care and treat each carpet differently based on their material. To cross out this problem off your mind, contact DW Cleaning so we can do the job for you. 


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