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In Singapore, most households place their sofas in frequently used areas, such as the living room, investing significantly to get the best within budget. Regular use leads to dirt accumulation, prompting families to resort to sofa steaming cleaning, vacuuming, or dusting. However, these methods may not suffice to maintain the sofa’s pristine condition, leading families to explore alternative sofa cleaning and maintenance techniques for longevity and appearance restoration.


Puff Up and Spin the Pillows

The cushions on the sofa serve as a protective layer for the sofa seat cushions to prevent them from getting dirty to a certain extent. This is why, when cleaning your sofa, it is advisable to regularly take out the cushions and fluff them up to maintain their softness. It is also important to switch the position of the seat cushions periodically to ensure even wear and tear and to preserve their shape.


Don’t Underestimate The Importance of Rest


The purpose of the sofa is for sitting, it is not built to support the full weight of the body for extended periods. Therefore, while it is acceptable to rest on the sofa, it is advisable to utilize the bed for sleeping at night.


Don’t Leave It in a Sunny Location

It is crucial to be aware that the sofa and cushions may fade and sustain damage due to exposure to heat and ultraviolet rays from sunlight. This can result in a lighter color and reduced material strength over time. To safeguard your furniture after DIY sofa cleaning at home, it is recommended to avoid placing the sofa in direct sunlight or use curtains or covers to shield the material during the day.


Prevent Stains from Setting


Even with preventative measures, liquids and semi-solids may still splash onto furniture like sofas and mattresses, leaving behind stains. While different types of stains on mattresses or sofas can be removed easily using soap and water, solvents, or other cleaning products, allowing stains to set can make them more challenging to remove. DIY cleaning methods may not suffice for deeply bonded stains, especially without specially designed cleaning solutions. Therefore, much like understanding different bed cleaning methods, knowing how to effectively clean stains on different sofa materials is crucial.


Avoid Scrubbing and Blot Stains Instead


One of the reasons why you should hire a professional sofa cleaning service is the challenge of dealing with persisting stains. Unfortunately, many homeowners exacerbate the issue by vigorously scrubbing stains during DIY attempts, which can be counterproductive. As an alternative, homeowners may follow a safe way to clean their fabric sofa effectively by using a soft, damp cloth to absorb spilled liquid promptly, preventing stains from setting. Subsequently, employing a dry cloth can help remove any residual moisture. In cases where water alone isn’t sufficient, alternatives like vinegar or alcohol can be utilized. These guidelines emphasize the importance of avoiding scrubbing or applying excessive pressure, as such actions may drive the stain deeper into the fabric layers.


Cleaning Services for Sofas Regularly

Although the sofa may appear clean, it can still harbor skin cells, dust, and other particles that can build up and adhere to the surface. Therefore, it is important to regularly clean the sofa and be knowledgeable about effective ways to remove dust mites from your sofa.


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Furniture plays a pivotal role in our homes, serving as indispensable pieces of essential comfort and functionality. Given their potentially high cost, it becomes crucial to underscore the importance of cleaning and deodorizing your mattresses or sofas, ensuring proper maintenance for an extended lifespan. When it comes to sofa maintenance, it’s essential to regularly fluff and rotate cushions, promptly tackle any stains, and opt for a gentle scrubbing technique over blotting. However, if you’re uncertain about cleaning furniture effectively, taking advantage of the reasons to engage the services of professional bed deep cleaning or sofa cleaning is advisable.


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