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Various properties require air conditioners nowadays. After some time, your aircon unit may experience some issues. These can be problems like not being cold enough or producing rumbling noises when turned on. All air conditioners will be prone to damage especially if it is not properly maintained. This is why it is recommended to avail aircon cleaning services for your unit’s regular cleaning and maintenance. 

Your air conditioner might not be cold for the following reasons:

Faulty Compressor

One of the crucial parts of any air conditioner is the compressor. It serves as the heart of the aircon unit. The compressor controls all the other elements in an aircon to cool down a hot and humid area. If it is faulty, the aircon will not produce cool air. An aircon servicing company will need to inspect it to give you a diagnosis of the underlying issue.


Dirty Air Filter


A dirty air filter obstructs airflow. This prevents your air conditioner from cooling properly. Cleaning it regularly is important to remove the dirt build up in the filters. Experts recommend cleaning the air filters every three months. As for commercial and industrial aircon servicing, it is best to engage professionals every month. 


Faulty Fan 

Clogged dirt from the fan motor will prevent the aircon from producing cool air. The fan may have to be replaced or repaired depending on the damage. Our specialists can assist you in resolving this issue through our range of services


Low Aircon Gas

Low aircon gas can be a result of incorrect installation, gas leaks, or poor maintenance. One of the signs that your aircon has a low refrigerant level is a bubbling noise. This issue might be the reason why your aircon is not cooling enough. Experts can do aircon gas top up to refill your refrigerant storage unit. 


Leakage of Coolant or Refrigerator

Low aircon gas can also be caused by leakage of coolant. As a result, your aircon may run for longer periods of time without adequately cooling your space.  It is crucial for you to know how to determine whether your aircon is leaking water or gas. Then, you may contact aircon emergency services to attend to your aircon’s issues.


Clogged Condenser Coils


The compressor pumps pressure to the condenser coils. These coils are responsible for transferring heat throughout the system. They are often completely exposed which makes them prone to dirt and dust. If the coils get dirty, the aircon will not be functioning well. This issue can be resolved with regular aircon maintenance services


Frozen Evaporator Coils


Frozen aircon parts are one of the things that can happen if regular aircon cleaning is not done. In essence, evaporator coils work by circulating refrigerant through the coils. The evaporator coils may freeze up or become clogged due to dirt buildup. This makes it difficult for the air conditioner to effectively cool the space. 



Dusting the exterior of your aircon is not enough to clean it. Professionals can properly inspect why your aircon does not cool your home. Continued use of your aircon when it is not working well can turn a minor problem into a major one. Contact DW Cleaning Group Singapore now to assist you with your aircon servicing needs. It is critical for both your comfort and the longevity of your air conditioning system.

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This article was reproduced from DW Aircon Servicing Singapore.