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There are several reasons why your aircon unit is experiencing such problems in Singapore, such as the need for an aircon gas top-up or an aircon chemical overhaul for other units. Nevertheless, every homeowner should be familiar with the different signs of a damaged aircon. Don’t hesitate to call a reliable aircon repair service as soon as you notice these aircon repair symptoms:


Aircon Is Not Releasing Cold Air


There can be two main reasons why your aircon is not cold. The first one is your aircon unit is experiencing weak airflow, which leads to not generating ample cool air for your room. The other one is your air conditioner might be blowing out hot air. Take note that both of these indications can lead to irreparable damages.

Signs like these indicate faulty components, such as a compressor and capacitor, or even a blown fuse. Fortunately, there are ways to fix the aircon not cold by yourself, however, it is still advisable to get it repaired by professionals immediately to avoid worse aircon problems like a refrigerant leak.


Gas Leaks

Gas pipe leakage is among the indications that your aircon needs repair or replacement that causes serious problems to your unit. Most aircon gas pipe leaks are unnoticeable compared to water leakage. However, there is still a way to troubleshoot it by yourself. In some cases, the bad odor of freon gas is perceptible when the aircon leak is happening from your indoor unit. However, you must inspect your outdoor compressor unit for such smells.

Additionally, remember to inspect the pipes and check for some stains as this can also be a sign of an aircon gas pipe leak. Furthermore, you can also check for whistling sounds coming from the thermostatic expansion valve, which suggests low refrigerant levels. If you see these kinds of signs, it is advisable to hire an aircon gas top-up service to avoid further damage and leakage.


Water Leakage


Similar to gas leaks, aircon water leakage can manifest either in the indoor air conditioning unit or the outdoor compressor. However, unlike gas pipe leakage, water leaks are not harmful as it does not contain poisonous gas. If you see water dripping from your fan coils or ice building up on your refrigerant lines, consider it a sign that you need to repair it immediately. Yet, before hiring professional services, make sure to determine whether your air conditioner is leaking water or gas. This precautionary step can help prevent additional expenses. 


Aircon Unit Frequently Switching Off Automatically


An aircon that shuts down by itself is one of the things that can happen if regular aircon cleaning is not done. A dirty aircon compressor or condenser can lead to overheating, which then prompts the system to shut itself down. Ensure to get your aircon units cleaned regularly as an aircon compressor or condenser that’s blocked with built-up dirt will affect your expenditure in the long run.

If you are experiencing this issue despite getting your aircon regularly cleaned, consider that this issue is coming from your thermostat. A damaged thermostat will not be able to align and gauge the temperature of your aircon, which can cause it to shut down automatically. 


Light is Blinking

When your aircon light is blinking, take this as a warning sign that your aircon is experiencing problems that require immediate attention. However, it might not exactly tell you the specific issue if it needs aircon maintenance and repair. Take note that this indication may cause the following problems:

  • Low refrigerant levels
  • A faulty compressor
  • Dirty filters
  • Electrical wiring issues


Compressor Is Not Functioning

Several causes are making your compressor have such problems. Regularly check the start relay, the capacitor, valves, and terminal connections are functioning normally. Otherwise, you will need to engage in the services of an air conditioner repair company to solve the issue.


Generating Annoying Noise


If your air conditioner is generating noises, such as scraping, whistling, and squealing, for a prolonged period, it could very well be a result of a belt slipping out of place or other parts of the air conditioner that need lubrication. Engage professional aircon services to check into the issue and carry out air conditioning repair troubleshooting. However, it is crucial to be aware of the common mistakes when opting for professional aircon servicing services to avoid unnecessary expenses.


Releasing Bad Odor

If you’re noticing an unpleasant smell from your aircon, that is the right time to engage a professional aircon chemical wash service. You might think and assume that it’s normal for aircon units but that’s not exactly the case. The foul odor can either come from damaged wiring or a buildup of mold and mildew inside, which should be addressed immediately.


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It is essential to be knowledgeable about the signs that indicate the need for air conditioner repair. These include issues with cooling efficiency, gas pipe leakage, water leakage, automatic shutdowns, blinking lights, compressor malfunctions, noise generation, and foul odors. Prompt attention to these symptoms is crucial, with the article emphasizing the importance of scheduling regular aircon maintenance to prevent further damage and ensure the safe operation of air conditioning units


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