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An insufficiently cooling air conditioner can be discomforting and suggests the need for aircon servicing. Here are some common air conditioning issues experienced by individuals in Singapore, along with DIY aircon maintenance tips to address them.


Maintenance of Air Conditioner Vents

Before considering other reasons why your aircon is not cold or malfunctioning, you can perform simple air conditioner maintenance, such as checking the vents in every room. Dust, dirt, or other blockages can reduce the amount of air circulation in the room, leading to the release of warm air. To address this issue, it may be sufficient to thoroughly clean the aircon.


Maintenance of Air Conditioner Filter


One way to fix your aircon that is not cold is by cleaning the filter. This process doesn’t need to hire professional services to do it. Remember to switch off the power before undertaking any aircon maintenance tasks on the air conditioner.


Maintenance of Aircon Condenser Coils

Restricted airflow, resulting from obstructed vents or air filters, can impede the proper functioning of an air conditioner. This restriction may cause a decline in the temperature of the evaporator coils, leading to the formation of ice and ultimately reducing the effectiveness of the air conditioner. This highlights the importance of scheduling regular aircon maintenance. Regular cleaning of aircon filters and vents can definitely enhance the efficiency of the air conditioner. However, if you see the presence of ice on the coils, maybe it is a sign that you need to engage a professional aircon chemical wash service


Maintenance Check of Air Conditioner Fuses


The improper functioning of an air conditioner’s temperature control may result from issues within the disconnect box. To assess the two fuses in the box, a multimeter is necessary, along with a basic understanding of electrical systems. However, if the fuse is severely damaged and begins to have an impact on other components, it could be a factor that affects the duration of aircon servicing, as it may require more time to fix.


Maintenance of Aircon Evaporator Coils


The annual cleaning of the evaporator is a crucial component of regular aircon cleaning and maintenance. This procedure aims to minimize the risk of aircon inefficiency. By removing the inspection and insulation hatch, and cleaning the evaporator and the tray underneath, the air conditioner can continue to function efficiently for another year.


Surrounding Maintenance of Air Conditioner Compressor Unit

If you reside in a Singaporean ground-floor house with abundant fast-growing vegetation like grass or weeds, it’s crucial to safeguard the external unit of your air conditioner. Regularly trimming and mowing the plants is necessary, as the unchecked growth can negatively impact the air conditioner’s performance and longevity. This maintenance task does not require any specialized tools and can be easily performed by anyone at their convenience. 


Frequent Air Conditioning Maintenance or Engage Professional Assistance

Several components of the air conditioner can be serviced and cleaned independently, but the compressor necessitates the expertise of professional air conditioning technicians due to its complexity and the specialized knowledge required for proper maintenance. Moreover, opting for an air conditioning servicing contract can save you money by ensuring consistent maintenance of your air conditioner’s performance without incurring costly expenses for repairs.


Aircon Maintenance


DW Cleaning Services Group Singapore is a reliable air conditioning service provider based in Singapore, known for its excellence in air conditioner repair and maintenance. Renowned for their superior customer service and guided by the motto “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten,” DW Cleaning Services Group ensures customers receive high-quality services from skilled professionals at reasonable rates. The offered services include:

Aircon Repair Service 

We employ skilled technicians to provide expert aircon repair and maintenance services. If you see signs that you need an aircon repair, reach out to us so we can get you covered with our services, encompassing the replacement of any components that may be irreparable.

Aircon Chemical Wash


Aircon chemical wash service ensures a comprehensive cleansing of your air conditioner, eliminating bacteria and germs. Widely recognized as our top air conditioning service package in Singapore, it is particularly recommended for households with pets and children.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul

An extensive cleaning process known as an aircon chemical overhaul is ideal for thoroughly cleaning the entire air conditioning system, especially for units that are both dirty and aged. It is strongly advised to opt for air conditioning servicing, particularly for older units, as it ensures comprehensive maintenance.

General Aircon Servicing

This includes cleaning of the blower wheel, filters, panels, fan blade, indoor evaporator coil, and flushing the drainage system of the air conditioner.

Aircon Installation in Singapore

Air conditioning servicing offers installation solutions in Singapore for both commercial offices and residential properties. These services encompass the aircon installation of new air conditioning units as well as the replacement of existing ones.


Contact DW Cleaning Services Group Singapore for Professional Aircon Servicing Services

Elevate your air conditioning maintenance with DW Cleaning Services Group Singapore, your go-to destination for professional and reliable aircon servicing services. Trust our experienced team to ensure optimal performance and longevity for your cooling systems, providing a breath of fresh, cool air for your comfort. Contact DW Cleaning Services Group Singapore today for top-notch expertise in aircon servicing that keeps your spaces comfortable and healthy.



Maintaining the optimal performance of your air conditioner in Singapore involves regular DIY tasks, such as cleaning vents, filters, and coils. These practices can prevent common issues like reduced efficiency and ice formation. While certain tasks can be performed independently, seeking professional assistance, such as DW Cleaning Services Group in Singapore, becomes essential for complex components like the compressor. Additionally, it is beneficial for you to opt for air conditioning servicing contracts that ensure consistent performance. 


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