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It is important to have your aircon cleaned regularly if you want to have cool and refreshing air in your home. This ensures that the aircon parts are cleaned of any contaminants. If you fail to schedule regular aircon cleaning, your aircon unit can experience the following issues: 


Aircon Leaks


A dirty air conditioner is prone to deterioration, possibly due to excessive dirt or worn-out components. If these become filled with too much dirt, they could eventually be clogged which can lead to aircon leaking water. Take note that this common issue that calls for a professional aircon servicing service should not be neglected, as this will prevent further damage from occurring.


Decreased Energy Efficiency

Not scheduling aircon maintenance and cleaning can negatively impact the performance of your air conditioner, reducing its energy efficiency. This inefficiency is environmentally harmful, making regular aircon cleaning a recommended energy-saving practice. If the aircon isn’t cleaned as soon as this happens, you could face a costly increase in your power bills. 


Poor Indoor Air Quality

Dust and dirt buildup isn’t just a common carpet problem. This can also occur when neglecting to clean air purifier pre-filters in certain air conditioners allows particles, mold, and mildew to accumulate, affecting indoor air quality.  An aircon’s filter can also get filled with all sorts of dust and dirt that get sucked in by the unit. If this filter is not cleaned regularly, certain particles can bypass it and accumulate on the aircon’s components. As a result, the unit may end up releasing dirty air which negatively affects indoor air quality. Therefore, having a clean aircon filter is important to maintain clean indoor air quality while preventing further aircon problems.


Health Issues


Failure to clean your air conditioner can contribute to health problems such as allergies and asthma. Mold within the aircon, if left uncleaned, can transfer dirt to clothes or skin, leading to potential health issues for you and others inhaling the contaminated air. To avoid experiencing these, you should be aware of the indicators of mold in your aircon and how you can clean them.


Expensive Repairs


You might often ask how often aircon cleaning should be done. Skipping regular cleaning may lead to symptoms requiring expensive repairs. On the other hand, regular aircon cleaning helps to remove any dirt that accumulates inside your aircon. If left uncleaned, it may lead to your aircon experiencing issues. When this happens, it will need to undergo troubleshooting. Any aircon issues that are found could then entail some costly repairs. Therefore, it is advisable to conduct regular and timely cleaning to mitigate such issues and minimize the need for air conditioning repair.


Restricted Airflow

Failing to have your aircon cleaned regularly can also restrict the airflow in your house. The reason for this is that any dirt that accumulates inside the unit can make it difficult to circulate air normally. Over time, without cleaning, the air conditioner can become entirely blocked, halting all airflow and rendering it ineffective. Hence, aircon chemical cleaning is important. Otherwise, airflow from the aircon could become totally restricted and deprive the homeowner of any cool air.  


Decreased Aircon Lifespan


As mentioned, cleaning your aircon is vital as a dirty aircon can restrict airflow. Since the aircon has difficulty distributing cool air, it has to exert more effort than usual. This increased pressure on the aircon’s parts effectively decreases its lifespan. In addition, certain particles can permanently damage the various steel and plastic components. Failure to address this maintenance issue may result in buying a new unit and aircon installation


Frozen Aircon Parts


If you don’t have your aircon cleaned regularly, dirt buildup inside the unit can prevent warm air from passing through the filter. This causes the temperature inside the aircon to decrease which then leads to condensed water on different parts becoming frozen. If these parts remain frozen for a long time, they could become irreparably damaged. As such, you should consider it a reason to hire a professional aircon maintenance company regularly to perform aircon servicing to prevent such situations from happening. 


Reduced Effectiveness

A neglected air conditioner is likely to accumulate dirt, hindering its proper function. This accumulation can block crucial components, which is the primary reason your aircon is not cold, resulting in additional expenses for troubleshooting and repairs.



Knowing what can happen if you don’t opt for regular aircon cleaning will help you better maintain your aircon. If you don’t often schedule aircon maintenance services for aircon cleaning, you could experience aircon leaks, which is an indication that your aircon might need aircon repair or replacement of some parts. Your aircon’s parts could even become frozen and sustain damage that decreases the overall unit’s lifespan. Failure to have aircon cleaning performed also causes your aircon to have restricted airflow as well as poor indoor air quality inside your home. If left unresolved, this issue could lead you to experience many health problems like allergies, asthma, and pneumonia. \

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