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As the weather can be hot and humid in Singapore, many homeowners are looking to install one or more aircon units for their homes as aircons are known to provide better cooling as compared to fans. Did you know that regular aircon cleaning is required in order to maintain the aircon’s optimal performance level? If regular aircon cleaning is not done, it might lead to your aircon experiencing common aircon issues which will require aircon repair services. Therefore, do ensure that you schedule regular aircon cleaning throughout the year.

Below is a guide about the importance of aircon cleaning and its frequency:


Importance of Aircon Cleaning


Did you know that your aircon unit has filters that trap dirt, dust and other particles when air enters it? However, over time, the amount of dirt, dust and other particles collected is too much and might affect your aircon’s performance. Its efficiency can decrease rapidly, and it may even consume more energy than usual. This in turn will lead to higher utility bills. As such, it’s always important to do aircon cleaning based on the guidelines specified by your aircon’s manufacturer.

If you require help to clean your aircon, engage a professional aircon cleaning service. What does a professional aircon cleaning consists of? The process often includes the cleaning and replacing of the aircon filter so that any dirt and particles are no longer present. Once the filter is cleaned, you should be able to see a decrease in your energy bills. Another benefit of aircon cleaning is that your aircon will also perform much better and provide cooler air. Besides that, it should be able to function for a long time without the need for any aircon repairs. 


How Frequently Should Aircon Cleaning Be Done?


Just as you should know how often to engage a professional for mattress cleaning, there are also factors that dictate how often aircon cleaning is required. These include the aircon’s rating, how long it has been in use, and environmental factors. It’s best to have the aircon filter cleaned as often as possible especially if the aircon is situated near a construction site or a dusty area. This is because such places make it more likely for the aircon to suck in dirt and debris. 

Some families leave the aircon running at night to prevent the humid air from affecting their sleep. However, this can cause the filter to get clogged with dirt more quickly. Depending on the frequency of your aircon usage, it’s best to engage aircon cleaning services once every three months. Failing to do this can lead to signs of mould on your aircon.


Signs You Require Aircon Cleaning


When an aircon takes longer than usual to cool a room or doesn’t perform efficiently, consider it a sign that it needs to undergo thorough aircon cleaning. Another thing that can happen if regular cleaning is not done is the emission of odd noises by the aircon. However, these can also occur due to loose and dirty components in the aircon. 

Another sign that you need aircon cleaning is if you notice a steep increase in your utility bills. Take note that dirt or dust buildup inside the unit can cause it to exert more effort than usual and consume additional energy. Thus, leading to an increase in your utility bills.



Knowing the importance of aircon cleaning and common problems that require aircon cleaning will help you greatly. With aircon cleaning, your aircon unit will provide cooler air and prevent any aircon issues from happening. It’s advised to have it done every three months so that the filter can be rid of dust and dirt particles. If you’re unsure whether you require immediate aircon cleaning, check for the following – if your aircon takes longer than usual to cool or is producing odd noises. Aircon cleaning may also be urgent if your power bills increase rapidly. 

For efficient aircon cleaning services, contact DW Cleaning Singapore. One reason you should hire a professional for aircon cleaning is that they are highly trained and experienced. As such, they can clean your aircon thoroughly so that you don’t suffer any aircon issues in the near future. 


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