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At DW Cleaning Group Singapore, we understand that having a reliable air conditioner is essential for your comfort. This is why an aircon that is not producing cool air can already be a concern. What components do you need to check when your aircon is not working properly?  


Air filter


A cooling system pulls warm air in, which is then cooled on evaporator coils. Then, the cool air gets circulated into the area where the aircon is. If the filters are clogged, ice can form on the evaporator coils, making it difficult for the warm air to be cooled. 

Many aircon owners ask for help when the aircon unit already malfunctions. Immediately cleaning clogged filters can prevent more serious damage. This is why regular maintenance is important. It is recommended to conduct aircon servicing for your unit at least once every three months. You can DIY or hire a technician to clean out your air conditioner thoroughly. This guarantees a longer lifespan for your air conditioner. 


Faulty Printed Circuit Board 

The Printed Control Board (PCB) should be checked if cleaning the filters does not work. PCB works with the thermistor to monitor the air temperature and supply power to the compressor. Therefore, the equipment itself may malfunction if the PCB is damaged. Replacement of a damaged PCB can be a factor that affects the duration of aircon servicing




Most aircons start the compressor with a capacitor. The air conditioner will not produce cool air if the capacitor is faulty. It can even start blowing warm air. This component is located inside the appliance. Hence, the professional would need to disassemble the unit to access the capacitor. Checking of this component inside the unit is included in the aircon not cold service. Experts can help you identify why your air conditioner is not functioning well.



A faulty thermostat may also be responsible for your aircon’s problem. The bulb thermostat measures the room’s air temperature. It also regulates the air conditioner compressor’s operation. It is necessary for professionals to inspect this to see if there is any damage. There are cases when it might be necessary for aircon repair services if there is visible damage. 



If your aircon is an electronic control model, it is crucial to check the unit’s thermistor. The thermistor is positioned in the airflow through the evaporator coils. If the aforementioned solutions did not work, you may need to inspect this component. Failure of the thermistor can happen as a result of improper handling. This is why it is important to choose reliable companies that have great reviews from their previous clients. 


Fan and motor


We advise examining the fan motor of the aircon as well. A faulty fan is one of the reasons why your aircon is not cold. Evaporator coils may freeze if the fan runs too slowly. Check for any damage in the fan motor and blades. If this happens, a replacement fan motor might be required. 



There are numerous potential reasons why an AC unit may not be blowing cold air. Many of these may be remedied without a professional’s assistance. However, these home based quick fixes may not always work. In that case, consider hiring a professional aircon servicing company like DW Cleaning Group. For more inquiries about our services, you may contact us to assist you with your aircon servicing needs. 

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This article was reproduced from DW Aircon Servicing Singapore