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Parquet, marble, and laminate flooring are some of the floor types popular in Singapore. However, these floorings are prone to scratches and need constant maintenance, regardless of material. Fortunately, floor polishing can restore the appearance of the floor by removing scratches and stains.

Many homeowners therefore question which option is more practical: using professional polishing services or DIY marble floor polishing. But before doing any DIY floor polishing, the following are some of the most crucial considerations:



cost-diy-floor-polishing-vs-professional-floor-polishing-which-one-should-you-choose-floor polishing-dw-floor-polishing-singapore

Many people believe that it is better to DIY because floor polishing services tend to be more costly than polishing on your own. However, investing on a marble floor polishing service can guarantee you an excellent result. In the end, you can save a lot more money than trying to repair a floor you may have damaged from a DIY. You may also check the indicators when you need to do marble floor polishing so you can get your money’s worth back. 


Size Of The Floor

floor-size-cost-diy-floor-polishing-vs-professional-floor-polishing-which-one-should-you-choose-floor polishing-dw-floor-polishing-singapore

The floor size is another factor to consider when it comes to floor polishing. Larger floor areas require a lot more work and effort to polish and maintain. Conversely, it is a lot more manageable to DIY polish and maintain for a smaller floor area. Professional floor polishing technicians can make sure that no spots are missed out, which is especially important for apartments with a bigger floor size. For all your floor polishing needs, there is DW Cleaning Group. Our technicians are experienced, with multiple satisfactory projects under their belts. 



Floor polishing is a time-consuming process that involves several steps. Most Singaporeans have a hectic schedule and only have time on weekends. If the homeowner intends to polish the floor themselves, they will need to learn the proper marble floor polishing techniques first and get the right equipment to use. This can be easier said than done, with less than desirable returns for the investment. The best way to avoid all these and save time is to hire professional floor polishing services to perform the job for you.



The entire floor polishing process is a difficult task. This is especially so for those who are untrained and have no experience with the tools. For example, it is critical to understand how to use the sander correctly. DIY home polishers frequently sand the floor repeatedly, removing too much material and shortening the life of the floor. It is also necessary to properly seal the floor after it has been polished. Because of these common mistakes, floor polishing is best left to the professionals. To ensure that you hire the best floor polishing professionals, you may read the reviews about their services. 


Some of the reasons why professional floor polishing services should be hired are as follows:


Well-Equipped With The Right Tools

right-tools-diy-floor-polishing-vs-professional-floor-polishing-which-one-should-you-choose-floor polishing-dw-floor-polishing-singapore

One of the primary benefits of hiring professional floor polishers is that they have the best sanding equipment and other floor polishing tools. The equipment used will not only help the professionals finish the floor polishing work much faster, but it will also help them achieve a far better finish for the floor. A professional floor polishing service provider like the DW Cleaning Group can ensure that you receive the level of service that you desire.  



The professionals are highly knowledgeable in floor polishing, having polished floors for a variety of residential and commercial properties. They can quickly determine the proper steps to take for floor polishing after inspecting the type of flooring and its condition. It is also critical that you work with a licensed and experienced floor polishing service provider to ensure a high-quality result. 


Polishing Floors Efficiently In The Right Way 

Hiring professionals guarantees effective restoration of the floor’s appearance. They can also finish the job quickly and efficiently without damaging anything. Floor polishing service providers can also advise you on how frequently you should hire floor polishing services and how to maintain the varnish on wood floors. There are generally many benefits in engaging a professional floor polishing service. On the other hand, if you attempt to DIY floor polishing without prior knowledge, you risk damaging your floor or even injuring yourself.



Floor polishing is an important part of keeping your floors shiny. You might be wondering whether you should have it done by a professional or not. No matter what floor type you have, a professional floor polishing service can give you the best results. This will also allow your floor to stay clean longer, so you don’t have to clean it frequently all year round. Contact a specialist like DW Cleaning Group now and get your floor cleaned to restore its original shine. 


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