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A sofa set is one of the furniture items that is most frequently used in every home. Yet, we tend to overlook that dirt and dead skin can easily penetrate into it. However, most of the dirt cannot be removed by only vacuuming. Therefore, regular sofa cleaning is required to maintain the highest level of cleanliness.


Importance of Fabric Sofa Cleaning

Fabric sofas are quickly contaminated by sweat and grimes. Odour and discolouration result from this. Vacuuming frequently is unable to solve this problem. Having routine professional cleaning performed is therefore advisable for maintaining your sofa. This can eradicate the ingrained bacteria and viruses on your sofa.

Note that one of the ways to clean your fabric sofa effectively is by choosing the right cleaning methods and using the appropriate tools. Experts are highly knowledgeable about this so their guidance is crucial. 


Recommended Frequency for Fabric Sofa Cleaning 

If your fabric sofa is used frequently, you might need to clean your sofa regularly. This also applies to mattress cleaning. If you have kids and pets, the sofa is likely to get dirty easily. As a result, you might need to employ expert cleaning services at least three or four times every year. If you want to clean your sofa yourself, there is also a ‘How to Do DIY Sofa Cleaning at Home’ guide available. If the sofa is not used regularly, cleaning frequency could be reduced to once or twice a year. 

This article explains how frequently your sofa should be cleaned:


Having Children and Pets at Home


Kids and pets often play on the floors, playgrounds, and parks. They will transfer the dirt they gathered while playing outside to the sofa when they use it. As a result, the couch would eventually become filthy and smelly. If couch cleaning is not done regularly by a professional, germs will still build up. The bacteria from the sofa could have an impact on the health of your kids and pets. It roams around, contaminating the air in your home.


Presence of Bacteria and Viruses


Bacteria and viruses can frequently spread from people to the fabric sofas. It is therefore recommended to engage professional cleaners to get rid of these dangerous germs. They can address this issue by doing a deep cleaning or sofa steam cleaning to loosen up the dirt that has accumulated in the sofa. 


Contact A Fabric Sofa Cleaning Professional Like DW Cleaning Group Singapore


Bacteria and unpleasant odours might still be left behind even after vacuuming a sofa. Therefore, hiring professional sofa cleaners at least once or twice a year is advisable. For great fabric sofa cleaning, you should consider contacting DW Cleaning Group Singapore to learn how we can solve your fabric sofa cleaning needs! 



Maintaining the highest level of cleanliness for your fabric sofa requires regular cleaning. Therefore, having it professionally cleaned is quite essential. A good interval is once a year, but that only applies if there are no children or pets living in the home. If you have not cleaned your sofa for a while now, it might be the perfect time to get in touch with DW Cleaning Group Singapore. Our years of expertise can guarantee your sofa a new life. You may look into our previous projects to see how we have provided various cleaning services in Singapore. 

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This article was reproduced from DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore.