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Having an aircon installation done is common in Singapore since it’s the best way of having cool and refreshing air inside the home. That said, the optimal performance of an aircon can be maintained if it undergoes regular maintenance. Many homeowners though are unsure when they should schedule aircon maintenance. If you are one of them, you just need to remember some important guidelines. Doing so will help to prevent certain aircon issues that might require an aircon repair or even an aircon replacement.


Why Is Aircon Maintenance Important?


The air that enters the aircon often has lots of dirt, dust, and other contaminants. The aircon filters will trap these to prevent important components inside the unit from being damaged. However, these filters need to be cleaned and replaced from time to time to prevent large amounts of dirt from accumulating. Some of the things that can happen if regular aircon cleaning isn’t done is the aircon becomes less efficient and consumes more power than usual. 

Besides cleaning and changing the air filters, aircon maintenance is also an aircon cleaning service that involves the removal of dirt from other aircon parts. This helps to improve the aircon’s performance so that it is more energy efficient and cools your home more efficiently.


How Frequently Should Aircon Maintenance Be Done?


Many homeowners are unsure how often they should do aircon cleaning and aircon maintenance. The latter will be based on how long your aircon has been in use, its rating, and environmental factors. You should clean your aircon filters at least once a month if your unit is situated in a dusty area. It’s also best to have aircon maintenance done more frequently if it’s cooling a wide space. This is because it’s more prone to collecting dust, dirt, and other particles. 

Some homeowners leave their aircon running at night thinking that it will help improve its performance. In truth, this is a common misconception that will lead to extremely high power bills. It’s still important to schedule regular aircon maintenance as it better ensures that your aircon’s parts are functioning normally.


Signs That You Need Aircon Maintenance


Besides having your aircon cleaned, you should engage aircon maintenance services right away if your unit takes longer than usual to release cold air or doesn’t do so at all. This service is also urgent if your aircon produces unusual noises as this can occur due to dirty or loose components. In case you’re still unsure whether you need aircon maintenance, try checking your power bills. If they have increased significantly, it could mean that some aircon parts requiring periodic care have become dirty or dusty. You should call a professional immediately for aircon maintenance if this is the case.



Besides the factors that affect the duration of aircon servicing, you should be aware of the guidelines above to help you determine when you should schedule aircon maintenance. Remember that aircon maintenance is extremely vital as it protects your aircon’s parts and helps improve its performance. Furthermore, it’s best to have it done once every three months. Lastly, aircon maintenance is urgent when your aircon doesn’t release cold air properly, produces unusual noises, and causes a rapid increase in your power bills.

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