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Air conditioning units are widely used in homes and businesses across Singapore, offering better cooling than fans or blowers. However, the efficiency of these aircon units depends heavily on proper aircon maintenance and cleanliness. People looking to install an aircon system seek information about aircon cleaning to make informed decisions and hire professionals with expertise in this field.

The following details elaborate on the importance of aircon cleaning and the recommended frequency.


Why Is Aircon Cleaning Important?


Air entering an aircon carries dust, dirt, harmful microbes, and particles. Luckily, the aircon has filters designed to trap these impurities. Yet, it’s important to have a clean aircon filter to prevent dirt from settling on other components that need periodic attention.

One thing that can happen if you neglect aircon cleaning is reduced efficiency. Aircon filters, for instance, accumulate dust and dirt over time, significantly reducing efficiency by 5%. This leads to an increase in energy consumption over a year. Homeowners are advised to follow the aircon manufacturer’s guidelines or some essential aircon cleaning tips provided by professionals to ensure optimal functionality.

Professional aircon cleaning goes beyond filter maintenance, involving the removal of dirt and debris from various components. Thorough aircon cleaning not only reduces energy bills but also enhances the unit’s overall performance, allowing for quicker room cooling. This highlights the importance of regular aircon servicing, ensuring a longer lifespan for the aircon without the need for frequent aircon repairs.


How Often Should Aircon Cleaning Be Done?


The frequency of aircon cleaning depends on factors like the aircon’s rating, usage duration, and environmental conditions. Aircon filters, a key component, typically need cleaning every month. This is especially crucial when the aircon is near a construction site or in a dusty environment. Units designed for larger spaces may accumulate more dirt, requiring regular cleaning.e

An effective aircon maintenance tip involves adjusting aircon usage periodically, such as limiting usage during certain hours, to optimize performance and reduce the need for frequent cleaning. However, as a general rule of thumb, it’s recommended to opt for quarterly aircon servicing to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the system.


Signs You Need Aircon Cleaning


If your aircon is not cold, it is a clear sign that an aircon unit needs aircon servicing. Unusual noise from the aircon is one of the common issues that call for professional aircon servicing.

Homeowners should pay attention to a significant increase in energy consumption, which could be due to dust or dirt buildup within the aircon. Neglecting these built-ups can cause the appearance of aircon repair signs in no time. Therefore, addressing this problem promptly through regular aircon cleaning is important to ensure cost savings from potentially expensive repairs.



Many properties in Singapore prefer air conditioners over fans or blowers for their superior performance. However, the accumulation of dirt and debris over time necessitates professional aircon servicing, particularly aircon cleaning. Professionals will maintain the cleanliness of your aircon externally and internally in order for your unit to perform efficiently. By leveraging the importance of opting for a professional aircon servicing company, you can save more money. 

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