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Neglecting aircon maintenance can lead to daunting issues over time. Even if your aircon unit is currently working well, neglecting its servicing may cause problems, requiring costly aircon repairs. Opt for a comprehensive aircon servicing package, including complete servicing and chemical overhaul, to prevent future expenses.

Similar to other household appliances, both residential and commercial air conditioners require regular aircon servicing to maintain optimal performance. Neglecting this maintenance could lead to significant issues such as aircon leaking water, necessitating extensive aircon repair to rectify the problem.

While many aircon owners understand the importance of servicing, some may be uncertain about the appropriate timing for this task. If you find yourself in this category, consider the following guidelines:


Best Servicing Periods For Different Aircon Types

Ducted Aircons


Ducted air conditioners are often regarded as among the most complex systems for both aircon installation and servicing. This is particularly true due to the intricate network of vents connecting the central unit to the outdoor counterpart, aimed at circulating cool, oxygenated air. 

Given the intricacies involved, you should not do DIY aircon servicing, if you are uncertain about the process. However, a helpful tip for aircon servicing is to clean the ceiling vents monthly to prevent dust and debris buildup. This can be done using a vacuum or a cloth. Similarly, the return air grille, usually located near the floor or ceiling, can undergo the same cleaning process. For other components, it’s advisable to enlist the services of a professional aircon maintenance company for thorough cleaning at least once every 12 months.

Split System Aircon


A split system air conditioner comprises two distinct units: one installed indoors and the other outdoors, interconnected by copper pipes and electrical wiring. The outdoor unit functions as a condenser, extracting hot air from indoors and expelling it outside. Meanwhile, the indoor unit serves as both a fan and an evaporator. To ensure optimal performance of this aircon system, particular attention should be given to cleaning the indoor unit’s air filters regularly. Aircon filters play a crucial role in filtering various forms of dust and dirt, which is why it is important to have clean air filters. They should be cleaned using either a cloth or a vacuum. As for determining how often you should engage a professional for aircon cleaning, it’s advisable to have the system serviced and cleaned every 12 months.

Cassette Aircon


Similar to a split system aircon, a cassette aircon comprises an indoor and an outdoor unit, utilizing evaporative technology to lower air temperature and dehumidify the space. The key distinction lies in their setup, with the cassette aircon featuring a central unit positioned near the ceiling. However, concerning aircon maintenance, both systems share similarities, particularly in the necessity to clean their air filters every few months. Additionally, it’s advisable to annually inspect the other components of a cassette aircon for optimal performance. 


Benefits of Regular Aircon Servicing

Optimizing your unit’s performance is one of the main reasons why regular aircon servicing is important.  Regular aircon inspection also helps identify aircon issues before they worsen. This way regular aircon servicing can save you money. Consequently, your aircon’s longevity is assured, coupled with notable energy savings. Moreover, investing in regular maintenance proves more cost-effective compared to prematurely replacing your aircon unit.


Is Annual Aircon Servicing Enough?

The frequency of necessary aircon servicing and cleaning is typically determined by the duration and intensity of its usage over the years. However, limiting servicing to once a year is generally not recommended, as it may allow numerous undetected aircon issues to exacerbate over time. Reduced efficiency, compromised air quality, and instances of aircon leaks are among the things that can happen if regular aircon cleaning is neglected. In some cases, there might even be indications that your aircon needs repairs or replacements as a result of scarce maintenance. To minimize the frequency of required servicing, prioritize cleaning essential components and conduct regular inspections to promptly identify any signs of damage. 


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Various types of air conditioners come with their own service intervals. For example, ducted aircon requires monthly cleaning of ceiling vents to mitigate dust and dirt accumulation. Conversely, split systems and cassette aircon necessitate air filter cleaning every few months. Regardless of your aircon type, it’s essential to conduct regular inspections and remain vigilant for any signs that you need an aircon repair. This proactive approach prevents exacerbation of existing issues and ensures you can reap the benefits of a clean and well-maintained aircon.


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