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Engaging a professional for mattress dust mite cleaning is often the most convenient and time-efficient option when you’re struggling with mattress dust mites. That said, many homeowners want to know how to eliminate mattress dust mites on their own since they can easily thrive in hot temperatures with high humidity such as the weather in Singapore. 

If you are among them, it’s important to learn about some common ways of eliminating mattress dust mites so you can clean your mattress more easily. Here are some ways you can eliminate dust mites from your mattress. 


Use Hypoallergenic Mattress Coverings

Dust mites are more likely to thrive and multiply on a mattress that is not covered with bed sheets or mattress covers. If there are too many of them, the mattress will also become more challenging to clean. It could also cause severe allergic symptoms which is why mattress cleaning is important for your health. To prevent these issues from happening, you can protect your mattress with hypoallergenic coverings. 

Hypoallergenic coverings won’t just prevent your mattress from triggering your allergies. They will also protect your mattress against dust mite buildup. That said, even if you use hypoallergenic coverings, there are many reasons why hiring a professional mattress cleaning company regularly is still ideal. Among them is that it will better ensure that your mattress doesn’t become dusty in the first place. 


Remove All Signs of Dust on Your Mattress


In many homes, mattresses aren’t just used by humans who shed lots of skin when they sleep. Pets also tend to get on the mattress and leave large amounts of pet dander. Take note that both dead skin cells and pet dander allow dust mites to thrive and multiply. Thus, they are a big reason to engage professional mattress dust mite cleaning services regularly if you and your pets use your mattress frequently. 

If you want to fully experience the advantages of mattress vacuuming, be sure to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter. This will ensure that even the smallest dust particles will be eliminated. In case there are areas which you can’t reach and vacuum, you can just clean the dust on your mattress with a microfiber duster or wet cloth. 


Perform Vacuuming, Steam Cleaning, and Hot Water Deep Extraction on Your Mattress


Mattress vacuuming is an extremely efficient way of eliminating all signs of dirt, dust, and other particles from a mattress. To thoroughly eliminate dust buildup on the market using this method, it’s best to use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Besides mattress vacuuming, mattress steam cleaning is also beneficial since it makes use of very hot steam to kill the dust mites. Another method for removing dust mites is hot water deep extraction which eliminates dead skin shed by the mattress owner.


Dehumidify Your Home


A dusty mattress isn’t the only reason why mattress deep cleaning is important. In fact, dust mites flourish in humid temperatures as they absorb moisture in the air. As such, one way of eliminating them is by setting humidity levels below 40%. 

To lower the humidity levels inside your home, you can purchase a dehumidifier. Just remember that this only removes moisture from the air and isn’t meant to dry your mattress. Once you have finished with mattress cleaning, you should still place your mattress under the sun to ensure it dries completely. 


Use An Air Purifier


Dust mites from your mattress can contaminate the air. This could lead to severe health symptoms like asthma, allergies, and many others. To ensure that the air quality in your home remains clean, you can use an air purifier in addition to performing different methods of bed cleaning. It’s recommended to buy an air purifier with a HEPA filter so you can eliminate dust mites measuring at least 0.3 microns. 


Engage DW Cleaning Group Singapore To Perform Mattress Dust Mite Cleaning

Knowing the different ways of eliminating dust mites can make it easier to clean your mattress. However, this can be challenging if you don’t have the right cleaning tools and knowledge. Fortunately, you can contact DW Mattress Cleaning Group Singapore for quality mattress dust mite cleaning services. One difference between DIY and professional mattress deep cleaning is that our skilled and experienced professionals will make sure to remove dust mites from your mattress through the following procedures:

  • First, our technicians will vacuum and shampoo your mattress to rid your mattress of dirt and odour. 
  • Next, our technicians will scrub your mattress to remove any visible stains and perform mattress steam cleaning so any dust mites that are left will be eliminated.
  • Finally, our technicians will perform hot water deep extraction to remove  moisture, dirt, and other particles on your mattress. 



As it would for sofa cleaning, knowing the different methods for eliminating mattress dust mites will make mattress cleaning by yourself a lot easier. One method is by dehumidifying your home to prevent moisture which dust mites could flourish under. Other simpler ways of removing dust mites is by eliminating all signs of dust on your mattress and using hypoallergenic mattress coverings. You can also use an air purifier to eliminate the tiniest of dust mites present. However, the best way to remove mattress dust mites is to perform mattress vacuuming, steam cleaning, and hot water deep extraction. These are all essential to ensure thorough cleaning of the mattress.

If you need assistance in mattress dust mite cleaning services, it is recommended to engage professional mattress cleaning services. For efficient mattress dust mite cleaning, contact DW Mattress Cleaning Group Singapore.  


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