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In Singapore, where warm and humid weather is prevalent throughout the year, the necessity of air conditioning is undeniable. While new air conditioning units are expected to function properly, older units may require repair. Common issues in aging air conditioners include aircon leaking water, inadequate cooling, and unusual noises. While DIY troubleshooting guides are available, some prefer professional aircon servicing services for the sake of convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Various air conditioner brands may present different issues, and it is crucial to discern whether the problem is manageable through DIY methods before attempting professional aircon repairs. For complex issues, seeking help from a professional aircon service company is advisable.


Common Problems That Can Be Solved Through DIY Methods:

Aircon Not Producing Cold Air


  • One reason why aircon is not cold is because it has clogged air filters that hinder air passage, or dirty condenser, evaporator, and fan coils. 
  • Damaged inverter compressors, thermostat malfunctions, or refrigerant leaks may also impact performance. However, there is a way to fix the aircon that is not cooling, such as changing components and performing aircon cleaning.
  • Incorrect sizing of the aircon unit for the room size may result in insufficient cooling.

Aircon Leaking Water


  • Water overflowing from the drain pan due to dirt and debris is one of the reasons why your aircon leaks water. It blocks the unit’s filter and fan coil.
  • The occurrence of freezing in certain components during operation eventually results in subsequent melting, leading to the development of water drips and leaks. If this issue is not promptly addressed, it could manifest signs indicating the need for aircon repair.


DIY Solutions



Contact DW Cleaning Services Group Singapore for Professional Aircon Services

DIY aircon troubleshooting is a great optional solution for a lightweight aircon issue. However, if you notice some problems that you are not familiar with, it is advisable to hire a professional to address them. Contact DW Cleaning Services Singapore for quality aircon services. Our team of experienced professionals will help you address your aircon issues efficiently. 



Troubleshooting your air conditioner can be a manageable task with some DIY methods, particularly for common issues like inadequate cooling and water leakage. Regularly scheduling regular aircon maintenance is important, as this addresses simple problems such as clogged filters. However, for more complex issues or if the problems persist after DIY attempts, seeking professional services is recommended to ensure effective and lasting solutions. Overall, it’s crucial to strike a balance between DIY efforts and professional assistance for optimal convenience and cost-effectiveness in maintaining your air conditioning unit.


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This article was reproduced from DW Aircon Servicing Singapore.