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After installing an aircon, it is essential to schedule regular aircon maintenance to keep your unit clean and working properly. That said, you won’t be able to enjoy its benefits if it’s not taken care of properly. When this happens, you’ll be deprived of cool and refreshing air. One way of taking care of your aircon is by having it undergo regular aircon maintenance.

Regular aircon maintenance involves thorough cleaning and inspection of the aircon. Through this, it ensures that the unit is functioning at its optimal level. Despite its benefits, some homeowners continue to have doubts about aircon maintenance like they do about aircon servicing. Scheduling this service on a regular basis is important for the following reasons:


It Provides You More Savings


Aircon maintenance is often neglected due to cost reasons. In truth, it will be more expensive to attend to common aircon issues that result from a lack of maintenance. When an aircon is frequently cleaned and inspected, it is less susceptible to aircon issues which might require costly aircon repairs. Moreover, scheduling regular aircon maintenance will make your unit more energy efficient so in the long run, you will experience more energy and cost savings. This is one of the benefits of regular aircon servicing.  It will also last longer so you don’t have to spend for an aircon replacement anytime soon.


Your Aircon’s Warranty is Maintained

Besides knowing the factors that affect the duration of aircon servicing, you should also keep in mind that most aircons are covered by a warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty serves to protect you from liability in case the unit breaks down due to unexpected reasons. However, if regular aircon maintenance and aircon cleaning isn’t done, issues can occur which could be perceived as negligence. When this happens, your aircon’s warranty may be voided and you might have to pay for any major repairs that are needed. 


It Ensures That Your Aircon Consumes Less Energy


Similar to what can happen when regular aircon cleaning is not done, lack of aircon maintenance can cause the unit to consume much more energy than usual. Fortunately, having your aircon maintained regularly will ensure that it consumes less power. This in turn will provide you with more energy savings and lower power bills.


It Helps The Aircon Provide Consistent Cooling

An aircon should be able to provide as much cool and refreshing air as you need. If it experiences issues, it might release warm air at times which could be extremely uncomfortable. This would be a time when you need to engage a professional for an aircon chemical wash or aircon maintenance. Regular aircon maintenance ensures that your unit provides consistent cool air so you can relax and perform important tasks with no issues.


It Reduces Stress On Your Aircon


One common mistake homeowners make when opting for aircon servicing services is scheduling aircon maintenance irregularly. Take note that lack of regular aircon maintenance may cause dirt and debris to build up on the air filters. This will eventually lead to airflow being obstructed which puts stress on the unit. Not only will this cause high power bills, but it could decrease your aircon’s lifespan as well. You might even have to replace your aircon entirely. To prevent this from happening, you should know how often aircon maintenance should be scheduled.


It Makes Your Aircon Last Longer

Did you know that aircons are built to last for a long time? If you fail to schedule regular maintenance though, its lifespan can be lowered significantly. You will then have to spend time and money to install a brand new aircon. It is recommended to engage aircon servicing contract so that your aircon can be maintained regularly are critical as it helps the unit run smoothly so it doesn’t experience issues which will require an aircon replacement.


It Gives You More Comfort


Failure to clean your aircon and schedule regular aircon maintenance doesn’t just make the unit dirty and less efficient. In fact, it can cause your aircon to release warmer air than usual and make the indoor air quality in your home quite dirty. Both these issues can result in extreme discomfort due to increased humidity and health problems like asthma and allergies. A great benefit of opting for an aircon servicing contract and scheduling regular maintenance is you’ll feel much cooler and not have to struggle with the negative health effects caused by a dirty unit.



Being aware of why scheduling regular aircon maintenance is important will bring you much convenience. Remember that similar to mattress cleaning, having your aircon cleaned and scheduling regular aircon maintenance will help prevent costly issues and give you more energy savings. Regular aircon maintenance will also ensure consistent cooling and increased comfort. There will also be less stress on your aircon, and it helps your unit to last longer.

If you’re looking for reliable aircon maintenance services, contact DW Cleaning Singapore. Our highly skilled professionals will thoroughly clean and inspect your aircon for any issues. That way, you can avoid any aircon emergencies and enjoy cooler and more refreshing air.


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