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Even though many Singaporean families regularly vacuum their mattresses, this is not guaranteed to remove all the dirt. Hence, a mattress deep cleaning service is highly recommended to completely remove all the dirt that has accumulated from the mattress. Here are the reasons why mattress deep cleaning is important: 


Why You Should Deep Clean Your Mattress


Fungi spores, dust mites, mould and mildew, and other debris can accumulate on mattresses over time.  This can result in discoloration and odour. Mattress deep cleaning removes the dirt while also extending the life of the mattress. Furthermore, one of the reasons why mattress cleaning is important for your health is because it improves the air quality in your home making you and your family less prone to asthma and allergies. 


How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Mattress

It is generally recommended to clean the mattress at least once a month. You can choose whether to DIY or hire a professional to do the cleaning for you. The difference between DIY and professional mattress deep cleaning essentially depends on your time and budget. 

It is generally recommended to clean the mattress once every three months if you spend a lot of time resting on it. Otherwise, once a year may be sufficient. You may use this as a basis on how often you should hire a professional mattress cleaning service. 


Why You Should Have a Professional to Deep Clean Your Mattress


Different bed cleaning methods should be applied for different bedding materials. It is recommended to hire professional mattress deep cleaning services because they are knowledgeable about which method is best to use for your bed. They also have the right tools and supplies to thoroughly clean the mattress and make it look like new. Professional mattress steam cleaning may also be required sometimes. The professionals will inspect the mattress and use the best cleaning equipment and supplies while ensuring that the mattress will not get damaged.


Contact DW Mattress Singapore for Mattress Deep Cleaning Services


You should engage a professional mattress cleaning services to conduct your mattress deep cleaning. For that, there is DW Cleaning Group Singapore. We have qualified personnel and the latest equipment for deep cleaning all types of mattresses. Our previous projects prove our experience in providing quality mattress deep cleaning services in Singapore. 



Deep cleaning your mattress can go a long way. A lot of people often forget to have their beds cleaned alongside their upholstery and carpets. However, mattress deep cleaning is actually important for your health in addressing your allergies, sleep quality, and the air quality in your home. Ultimately, it is best to leave the mattress deep cleaning to the professionals. They have all the know-how to effectively remove the dirt off your bed, so you can get a good night’s sleep. 

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This article was reproduced from DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore.