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Our aircon technicians have over 10 years of experience in the industry. We have been serving 1000s of residential & commercial estates - no complaints at all!


Our aircon services are meant to be fast and easy for you. We offer aircon repair, aircon gas top up, aircon maintenance, and other aircon services your household and office needs.


DW Cleaning group makes sure that our aircon technicians can execute a wide range of aircon services for different types of aircon problems. We make sure to use eco-friendly materials, so our services are assured to not only protect your welfare but is also good for the environment.


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DW Mattress Cleaning Group Singapore has more than 10 years of experience in Aircon Servicing, Aircon Installation, Aircon Repair, Aircon Chemical Wash, and various services related to Aircon Cleaning.

Why Choose Us

Our goal in DW Cleaning Group Singapore is to give 100% Satisfaction for every cleaning service we provide.


Cleaning Methods

We offer cleaning methods like scrubbing, steam cleaning, deep vacuuming, and hot water deep extraction.


With Extensive Experience

Our team of technicians are trained and have years of experience in cleaning mattresses, aircon, sofas, carpets, and floor.


Point of Contact

Easily contact us via WhatsApp for your cleaning needs. We will provide you with a direct quote after our customer support team has assessed the situation.



We offer professional cleaning services at very affordable prices - zero hidden costs and 100% transparency.


Joyce Tham
Joyce Tham
12:39 25 Mar 23
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Technician: Mr. UdaiyarService quick and efficient. Provide product knowledge. No additional cost. 👍🏻🙏🏻However, suggested to do chemical wash at $200. Certain aircon model unable to take the whole aircon down to do deep cleaning. Uses brush to dust and vacuum dust and water altogether.
Jazeril Loo
Jazeril Loo
10:24 20 Mar 23
Dhana was very thorough with the chemical overhaul for 2 fancoil units. Aircon now works perfectly and is cold. Previously, my aircon was choked and no cold air was coming out of it. Job well done and though expensive but worth the money and service.
Liu Yang
Liu Yang
05:30 09 Mar 23
Engaged their service for a year and the staff is always very professional. Seenu helped to clean the stuck pipe of one aircon and resolved my aircon leaking problem.
ZQ X (Summer_Vibe)
ZQ X (Summer_Vibe)
17:11 23 Feb 23
Writing up a review for the aircon cleaning a while back. The services are really good. The customer service is always responsive and helpful. The technician Mr Pandi is very nice and professional. Will use the service again!
Firr P
Firr P
04:11 20 Feb 23
My technician, Dhana, was punctual and cleaned my aircon units thoroughly. Job was done smoothly.Admin staff Jackie was responsive as always. Already signed up for their servicing subscription!
13:49 13 Feb 23
We were experiencing water leakage issues on the trunking, which leaks to the floor and creates puddles of water at three different spots.Rajan came down to look at the issue and explain what is causing it and what needs to be done (bad/wrong insulation installation and unsealed trunking that lead to condensation)After consulting Technician Rajan, we engaged them to perform a chemical overhaul (since the aircons have not been maintained for more than 1–2 years) and replacement of insulation for the copper pipesRajan and Seenu arrived on time, promptly completed the necessary tasks, and have done an impressive job.Additionally, I would like to thank Valarie for her prompt responses and advice over WhatsApp when I engaged them for their services.Looking forward to engaging them for aircon maintenance as well!Update: Aircon maintenance went smoothly and Murthi was on time and efficient. He ensured the air conditioners were working before and after maintenance. I also appreciate Rose and Crichell's prompt customer support when scheduling maintenance.
Ed Lee
Ed Lee
09:31 08 Feb 23
I have engaged DW Aircon numerous times to service my aircons. I find their charges reasonable. The technician was thorough in his work. Most importantly, he also clean up the area where the work was done. Very satisfied with their work!
Sirius Nair
Sirius Nair
02:26 03 Feb 23
I required aircon servicing for 4 units and I found them via google search. The booking process was quick and easy and staff assisting was prompt and polite. The technician who came to my house, Mr Udaiyar was punctual and completed the task promptly. He was meticulous in cleaning the aircons and did a great job. Thanks
Noraisah Rafik
Noraisah Rafik
11:16 26 Jan 23
Murthi did a wonderful and professional job on my quarterly aircon servicing. He is also a humble and nice chap, thus easy to engage in communication. So far, I am happy with the services rendered. Thank you.Adi
Astrid Lim
Astrid Lim
11:54 25 Jan 23
Excellent service and highly recommended! I was frustrated with my landlord’s aircon servicing company (always late by 2-3 hours, makes a mess in my place, leaves the aircon noisier/leaking vs before, very rude) and decided to try out a new provider DW Aircon. The DW service crew Dhanapal came on time, was very professional and even brought a sheet to cover my items so it won’t get dirty. I’m so impressed with their service and highly recommend it! 🙂
Yong Chris
Yong Chris
02:30 21 Jan 23
Udaiya, is very healpful and he was on time for the Cleaning of the aircorn, he also also contact us ahead to check if we are home. The job he did for both normal cleaning and chemical wash was great, now my aircon is sooo cooling. The admin side also did a great Job, they help us to make and appointment and was very responsive.. kudos to the team.. well done..
Chris Tan
Chris Tan
23:55 12 Jan 23
Technician Ramesh was punctual, friendly and professional. He knows his work and takes time to explain to me why my aircon is not cold after diagnosis. Was initially having the thought to do chemical overhaul as aircon is 10 year old and not serviced past year during covid period, but he was able to diagnose that it's due to low gas. In the end just a gas top up and normal servicing does the job. He and his other tech cleaned the units thoroughly, using brush to clear the cooler fins and vacuum to clear the debris/dust. Aircon looks and feel like new. Kudos to the team!
Tina Go
Tina Go
06:00 12 Jan 23
Pandi was really good and efficient in the aircon servicing process , look forward to the next aircon visit
Nikki Chong
Nikki Chong
04:13 10 Jan 23
Came early, and finished really quickly and efficiently. Finished really fast and aircon was cooler after a thorough cleaning and left the bathroom really clean after everything!
Wen Yang Kee
Wen Yang Kee
10:13 31 Aug 22
Workers are knowledgeable and did a good job on cleaning the 3 aircons, will be engaging them again!
Linda Hamid
Linda Hamid
07:56 08 Jun 21
I am pleased with the service from the Customer service officer name Richard provided to me . He is fast and efficient by answering my questions. Keep it up!

Technician Mr. Udaiyar came to service my aircon, reached early than schedule time. He did a good job and do advise me on my Aircon compressor too. Recommending and highlighting a few issues. Thank u so much for the suggestions given.

Will continue to look out for your company services when time needed.
James Chan
James Chan
06:57 02 Jun 21
Mr. Murthi (technician) / Ms Gene (CS Officer)

Setting up an appointment was fuss-free and Ms Gene tried her best to slot me in at the earliest possible timing.

Mr Murthi serviced all the aircons in about 30-minutes - super efficient fella.

But at the end of the day, it all boils down to price - 4 aircon units for $110? Even my mother-in-law nodded in approval when I told her the price.
HueyTing Eng
HueyTing Eng
03:05 04 Aug 19
Great service!! Quick & efficient. Chanced upon when I googled and decided to give a try to fix my aircon problem. Admin lady was quick and helpful to fix an appointment for me. Technicians arrived on the dot. Giving professional advice and proceed with servicing. All are done within an hour. Thank you so much. Will sure recommend for others 👍👍
Ahboon T Yuwen
Ahboon T Yuwen
05:50 01 Aug 19
Its the second time i hire them for aircon servicing! Very fast and prompt response! Good and efficient service from both company and Rajan! Will definitely recommend to friends and family! Thumbs up 👍🏻
Raymond Ting
Raymond Ting
13:48 01 Jul 19
First time engaging DW to service my aircon. Will definitely recommend them to my friends and continue engaging them in my future servicing. Reasonable pricing and staff with excellent service.
Ha-arh James Koh
Ha-arh James Koh
02:48 27 Mar 19
The aircon service arranged two days ago, and today the technician came to service with punctuality time arranged, a great technician working efficiently and detected the cause of the problems & recommendation how to do routine maintenance to keep aircon in perfect condition,... GREAT JOB...
Hanqing Toh
Hanqing Toh
15:58 19 Jan 19
DW is truly my saviour after a horrible couple of weeks!

Long story short - i originally called another company (A*ple) to do a chemical wash for my aircon, and they managed to short-circut the wiring to my aircon, spoil the connectors on my compressor and refused to answer my calls after that - all these happened in 2 weeks. The most unprofessional company-I will see how I can sue them for damages.

At my wits end, i called Daylight electrician who help link me up with DW as well, and within 2 trips in 3 days, they managed to solve the wiring problem, fix the compressor, AND clean my aircon. Awesome customer service all around! Ms Lim - excellent communications, friendly, fast, humorous and positive and it was reassuring that she was always on the ball. Raju and Ramesh - very professional, competent and dedicated. On the last day, they stayed back an extra 2 hours as they kept testing my aircon to see that everything worked well.

Thanks to the awesome team at DW Aircon Servicing, my aircon is working better than ever. Would highly recommend DW to everyone!
Wan Rais
Wan Rais
16:22 31 Oct 18
Did my aircon service, first impression will always last. The 2 working men came and rectify the problem when they look at my aircon, update me briefly and proceed with their work. Perhaps their years of experience with servicing aircon makes the work goes smooth to ensure the aircon is cool and clean. With also a very reasonable pricing, will for sure engage them again for the nxt aircon servicing.. thank you Mr Dhanabal & Mr Ramadoss for your work on servicing my aircon.
Jaclyn Tan
Jaclyn Tan
11:53 28 Jul 18
Chanced upon DW aircon servicing while goggle searching and decided to give it a shot to address my aircon problem. Response time by their staff, Ms Lim is quick and she is extremely helpful and patient to answer all my queries. The technicians were dispatched within a few days to do trouble-shooting. The subsequent arrangement for replacing my aircon system were also done professionally and efficently. I am extremely satisfied with their service. Thank you so much.
Mylene Ng
Mylene Ng
17:18 05 May 18
EXCELLENT service! QUICK, EFFICIENT & RELIABLE👍The aircon technicians were able to detect the prob of my aircon instantly & with confidence fixed it right away. From the time I phoned DW Aircon to the time the issue was fixed, it was an amazingly short time. Not only am I a happy customer, I am thankful too. I will not hesitate to recommend DW Aircon to friends.
Sunnie H Toh
Sunnie H Toh
11:29 09 Apr 18
excellent services and workmanship for servicing of our aircons
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Often Should I Have Aircon Cleaning Done?

The required frequency of aircon cleaning will depend on your aircon’s rating, how long it has been in use, and environmental factors. When it comes to the aircon filters, have them cleaned once a month especially if you reside in a dusty area or near a construction site.

What Does Professional Aircon Servicing Consist Of?

Aircon servicing doesn’t just prevent common aircon issues from occurring. In fact, it also ensures that your unit works as optimally as possible. This is because it entails the following procedures:

  • Aircon Filter Cleaning & Sanitising
  • Evaporator & Condenser Coil Cleaning
  • Drainage Tray Treatment
  • Front Panel Outer Casing
  • Blower Wheel Servicing
  • Vacuuming of Aircon Pipe
What Are The Benefits of Aircon Chemical Cleaning?

Aircon chemical cleaning involves the use of special chemical cleaning agents for thorough cleaning of your aircon. Although some homeowners might be unsure about availing this service, it actually provides numerous benefits:

  • It Freshens The Air
  • It Extends The Lifespan of Your Aircon
  • It Makes Your Unit More Efficient
  • It Removes Odors
  • It Prevents Freezing of Major Parts
What Happens If I Don’t Have My Aircon Cleaned?

Some homeowners feel that an aircon chemical cleaning isn’t necessary and that their unit will continue to function normally. As a matter of fact, failing to have aircon chemical cleaning done could result in a number of issues:

  • Higher Repair Bills
  • Airflow is Blocked and Compromised
  • Power Outage or Water Leaks From Your Aircon
  • Bad Air Quality
  • Possible Freezing Of Aircon Parts
  • Reduced Lifespan
  • Health Problems
  • Less Effective Aircon
  • Decreased Energy Efficiency
What Is Included In Professional Aircon Cleaning?

Aircon cleaning helps your unit to last much longer. That said, it’s best to have a professional do it rather than try to perform it yourself. Professional aircon cleaning often involves the following:

  • Cleaning of aircon front covers, air filters, evaporator fins, drainage tray, and blower wheel
  • Vacuuming of water drainage pipe
  • Routine checking of all electrical components, aircon controller, thermistor, aircon swing motor, uncommon noises, water leaks, and foul odour
  • Testing of air flow temperature level and blower air flow level

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