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Our aircon technicians have over 10 years of experience in the industry. We have been serving 1000s of residential & commercial estates - no complaints at all!


Our aircon services are meant to be fast and easy for you. We offer aircon repair, aircon gas top up, aircon maintenance, and other aircon services your household and office needs.


DW Cleaning Services Group Singapore makes sure that our aircon technicians can execute a wide range of aircon services for different types of aircon problems. We make sure to use eco-friendly materials, so our services are assured to not only protect your welfare but is also good for the environment.


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Our Aircon Servicing Process


Step 1: Clean the Following Aircon Parts

We will clean the following aircon parts thoroughly:

  • Aircon Front Filters
  • Aircon Filters
  • Evaporator Fin
  • Drainage Tray
  • Blower Wheel*

*Blower wheel cleaning is included in our normal servicing job scope. However, our tech team will advise our clients if removing the blower is applicable/necessary.

Applicable: Some brands/models do not allow the removal of the blower unless the unit is fully dismantled which falls under the job scope of Aircon Chemical Overhaul.

Necessary: If the blower is less dusty, the tech team will use a brush that is useful to wipe away any dirt or dust accumulated. If the blower is too dusty, the tech team will advise to take down the blower and use water to clean it.


Step 2: Vacuum and Wipe the Evaporator Coil

Dirty coils can lead to increased operating temperatures due to excessive dirt build up.


Step 3: Vacuum Drainage Tray and Pipe

Vacuuming the water drainage pipe can help to increase your aircon's lifespan and prevent any aircon leakages.


Step 4: Water Wash the Filter

By water washing the aircon filter, it helps the aircon be more energy efficient while providing high quality air conditioning.


Step 5: Routine Check of the Aircon System

We will inspect the following aircon parts:

  • All Electrical Components
  • Controller
  • Thermistor
  • Swing Motor
  • Uncommon Noise Problem
  • Water Leakage Problem
  • Odor From Aircon Breeze
  • Test Blower Airflow Level
  • Test Airflow Temperature Level
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Elevate your home's comfort with DW Cleaning Services Group Singapore's thorough Aircon Servicing. Our skilled technicians give your unit a top-to-bottom check, ensuring it runs smoothly, and keeping your indoor environment fresh and healthy.

Why Choose Us

Our goal in DW Cleaning Services Group Singapore is to give 100% Satisfaction for every cleaning service we provide.


Cleaning Methods

We offer services and cleaning methods like aircon installation, aircon leaking water, aircon chemical overhaul, aircon gas top up, and aircon not cold.


With Extensive Experience

Our team of technicians are trained and have years of experience in cleaning mattresses, aircon, sofas, carpets, and floor.


Point of Contact

Easily contact us via WhatsApp for your aircon servicing and cleaning needs. We will provide you with a direct quote after our customer support team has assessed the situation.



We offer professional aircon cleaning services at very affordable prices - zero hidden costs and 100% transparency.


Anthony Lee
Anthony Lee
02:52 14 Jul 24
Service was quick and efficient. Seenu was my technician and he cleaned my aircon unit well. He was also very professional. Customer support replies quickly.
James Chan
James Chan
04:18 13 Jul 24
Pandi arrived on time and serviced 4 aircons very quickly. Good job!Update (13/07/24)3 years in and I'm still using these guys to service/overhaul my ac units. Ramesh and Dhana Big did excellent work at a great price. The customer service is also very friendly and helpful via WhatsApp.
Chee Meng Chan
Chee Meng Chan
00:52 03 Jul 24
Had a good experience with Ramesh and his partnet who came to fix my leaking aircon. He was able to assess the situation and had a logical process to fix the issue.
ZhenKai Peh
ZhenKai Peh
13:41 28 Jun 24
We are quite skeptical about aircon guy due previous experience which only want to do a lot of thing but did not solve the issue.Ramesh came early which explain to us in detail and even provide numerous solution for us to choose and identify the root cause. Please keep up the good work we appreciate the support you have render to us.
Grace Kuro
Grace Kuro
01:06 28 Jun 24
My first time using EveryWorks service. Ryan (Customer service) is very responsive to my queries and patient.Murthi was my aircon servicing technician. He came within time frame and he is very professional. We asked him a few queries, he answered it and gave some advice. He did 2 Units of servicing in 30mins. He still clear off the newspaper that we've layed on the floor and also vacuum up the dust around. Very pleased. Will sign up for their quarterly subscription after 3months. 👍🏻
lorna lim
lorna lim
05:50 25 Jun 24
Second time having Seenu clean our aircon units.Not only was he very thorough with the cleaning, Seenu was very honest and helpful. We had another aircon service company staff tell us that our aircon piping was damaged and advised us to redo all of our piping, and Seenu gave an honest assessment that it was just condensation and recommended altering our aircon settings to solve the problem.Really appreciate Seenu’s expertise and professionalism! Thank you!
02:23 19 Jun 24
Dhanapal did a great job servicing my 3 aircon. Recommend their service. Customer service replies are also quick and will hold a time slot for you for a certain time period.
Thomas Kwek
Thomas Kwek
10:16 15 Jun 24
Murthi is efficient in cleaning my aircon units and he provided his honest and practical feedback on the cleaniness of my aircon unit.
Lydia Tan
Lydia Tan
02:33 15 Jun 24
Ramesh did a good job in the aircon servicing. He is fast and cleans well without leaving any mess behind. He’s very polite as well.
John Robert Poon
John Robert Poon
08:27 09 Jun 24
Mr Murthi was on time and he cleaned the aircons well and in a professional manner. Really good experience with him and this company.
Luqmaanul Hakeem
Luqmaanul Hakeem
11:27 31 May 24
3rd time engaging for Aircon related services. Same Technician, Seenu who came and was very knowledgeable. Even remember the history of my aircon issues and politely ask if all was done. Great job and excellent Staff!
13:32 25 May 24
My aircons were serviced by Pandi. Friendly man, did the servicing diligently, left the working area clean and is thorough too. He also gave some good advice regarding the aircon care. Highly recommend. 🙂
Adeline Khoo
Adeline Khoo
02:17 20 May 24
Prompt service. Thank you Alexis for your fast replies via Facebook and whatsapp.Had my aircons service within a few hours notice. My leaking aircon in the master bedroom was resolved.Effcient, punctual and reliable!Hope to deal with you again.
Arie Andika Setiawan
Arie Andika Setiawan
03:57 11 May 24
Very good aircon servicing, very thorough. Provide easy to understand explanation on what the aircon issues are and what is being done to resolve. Thanks for the help, Murthi (Review updated on 11 May 2024)
Kannan Ramanathan
Kannan Ramanathan
01:37 09 May 24
Seenu, the aircon service technician performed his job enthusiastically. A very friendly individual indeed. I'm exceedingly pleased with his work and attitude.Ryan, customer support was remarkably obliging. He was swift in his response and provided guidance throughout our communication.I've used Everyworks since I learned about the services this organisation provided. The representatives or the technicians assigned never failed to impress me. I'll continue to use above-mentioned without hesitation.
Jun Yong Toh
Jun Yong Toh
17:36 01 May 24
Pandi was efficient in cleaning our 3 units of aircon and recommended us tips for maintenance so that we can upkeep it. Good work!
Dylan Lee
Dylan Lee
03:39 01 May 24
Very professional and responsive service. The basic servicing package for 4 wall-mounted aircon blower units was reasonable at $110. The technician was efficient, and helped to clean up after the servicing was completed as well. Customer service was prompt, advised well on which service was most appropriate, and was not pushy at all. Overall, a great experience with DW.
Dani David Chan
Dani David Chan
06:13 24 Apr 24
Great work servicing our home's aircons! Fast and thorough. Nice guy too. Thanks Dhana!
Anand prabhu
Anand prabhu
02:06 18 Apr 24
I am a repeated customer getting their service. As usual, good service and explanation by the technician Murthi. It was seen that they were going more for customer satisfaction, more than with the intent to earn more money from the clients so appreciated it for that. Murthi also ensured that the aircon was properly cleaned with a pleasant attitude.Recommend their services
Nigel Lim
Nigel Lim
15:05 12 Apr 24
Murthi was not only punctual but swift with the aircon servicing. He advised me that the condenser did not require any cleaning and also on some of the telltale signs which might suggest that servicing is required. Thank you Murthi!
Beverly Lin
Beverly Lin
02:43 30 Mar 24
I was happy with the aircon servicing. Dhanapal, the technician, was punctual, friendly, and professional. The customer service representative was also friendly and helpful.
Mariam Said
Mariam Said
12:54 24 Mar 24
Wonderful service by Seenu of DW Cleaning who was prompt and cleared my aircon issue in no time! It is functioning well right after. Thank you!
James Chan
James Chan
06:07 16 Mar 24
Been servicing my aircons with them for almost a year now (once every 3 months) and I am a happy customer! The technicians are all friendly and knowledgeable and the price is super reasonable.
02:11 05 Mar 24
Great experience with Pandi and Ramesh servicing our aircon. They were helpful, polite, fast and efficient.
rc found
rc found
06:31 04 Mar 24
I'm very happy with the aircon service by Seenu. He was friendly & professional.He answered all my concerns and showed me how to clean the filter. Thank you
Roger Lincoln
Roger Lincoln
02:11 03 Mar 24
Excellent service by friendly personnel (Mr Seenu) Punctual, clean and efficient. Also provided verbal feedback on the state of my aircon system. Very satisfied with the job.
Chin Ket Cheen
Chin Ket Cheen
02:51 01 Mar 24
Mr Ramesh provide a professional aircon cleaning knowledge and service to us , GOOD JOY👍
Thomas Tan
Thomas Tan
03:08 25 Feb 24
Appointment was on time (Mr. Seenu)Did the aircon cleaning/service.Mr Seenu was polite and proceeded with the task efficiently.
John Leow
John Leow
14:02 24 Feb 24
Pandi was very professional. I was briefed and advised accordingly what will be done and also the fault of the aircon. Even additional tips on how to maintain the aircon. I liked the service and found the price to be reasonable.
kelley liaw
kelley liaw
11:35 20 Feb 24
Seenu was the technician who came to service my aircon. Very efficient and skillful. He also explained very patiently about the problem after fixing it. Thumbs up!
miki bellydance
miki bellydance
11:05 17 Feb 24
Sanu is very professional and efficient in yhw servicing and able to identify the root cause and fix to any problem related to aircon performance. The customer service team is also very fast in replying and arranging the work. Thank you for great service!
Li Lin B
Li Lin B
05:24 11 Jan 24
The service provided by Seenu was very quick and efficient. He was also knowledgable letting me know why my aircon is constantly leaking, will hit up his suggestion the next appointment. 🙂
Linda Hamid
Linda Hamid
07:56 08 Jun 21
I am pleased with the service from the Customer service officer name Richard provided to me . He is fast and efficient by answering my questions. Keep it up!

Technician Mr. Udaiyar came to service my aircon, reached early than schedule time. He did a good job and do advise me on my Aircon compressor too. Recommending and highlighting a few issues. Thank u so much for the suggestions given.

Will continue to look out for your company services when time needed.
James Chan
James Chan
06:57 02 Jun 21
Mr. Murthi (technician) / Ms Gene (CS Officer)

Setting up an appointment was fuss-free and Ms Gene tried her best to slot me in at the earliest possible timing.

Mr Murthi serviced all the aircons in about 30-minutes - super efficient fella.

But at the end of the day, it all boils down to price - 4 aircon units for $110? Even my mother-in-law nodded in approval when I told her the price.
HueyTing Eng
HueyTing Eng
03:05 04 Aug 19
Great service!! Quick & efficient. Chanced upon when I googled and decided to give a try to fix my aircon problem. Admin lady was quick and helpful to fix an appointment for me. Technicians arrived on the dot. Giving professional advice and proceed with servicing. All are done within an hour. Thank you so much. Will sure recommend for others 👍👍
Ahboon T Yuwen
Ahboon T Yuwen
05:50 01 Aug 19
Its the second time i hire them for aircon servicing! Very fast and prompt response! Good and efficient service from both company and Rajan! Will definitely recommend to friends and family! Thumbs up 👍🏻
Raymond Ting
Raymond Ting
13:48 01 Jul 19
First time engaging DW to service my aircon. Will definitely recommend them to my friends and continue engaging them in my future servicing. Reasonable pricing and staff with excellent service.
Ha-arh James Koh
Ha-arh James Koh
02:48 27 Mar 19
The aircon service arranged two days ago, and today the technician came to service with punctuality time arranged, a great technician working efficiently and detected the cause of the problems & recommendation how to do routine maintenance to keep aircon in perfect condition,... GREAT JOB...
Hanqing Toh
Hanqing Toh
15:58 19 Jan 19
DW is truly my saviour after a horrible couple of weeks!

Long story short - i originally called another company (A*ple) to do a chemical wash for my aircon, and they managed to short-circut the wiring to my aircon, spoil the connectors on my compressor and refused to answer my calls after that - all these happened in 2 weeks. The most unprofessional company-I will see how I can sue them for damages.

At my wits end, i called Daylight electrician who help link me up with DW as well, and within 2 trips in 3 days, they managed to solve the wiring problem, fix the compressor, AND clean my aircon. Awesome customer service all around! Ms Lim - excellent communications, friendly, fast, humorous and positive and it was reassuring that she was always on the ball. Raju and Ramesh - very professional, competent and dedicated. On the last day, they stayed back an extra 2 hours as they kept testing my aircon to see that everything worked well.

Thanks to the awesome team at DW Aircon Servicing, my aircon is working better than ever. Would highly recommend DW to everyone!
Mylene Ng
Mylene Ng
17:18 05 May 18
EXCELLENT service! QUICK, EFFICIENT & RELIABLE👍The aircon technicians were able to detect the prob of my aircon instantly & with confidence fixed it right away. From the time I phoned DW Aircon to the time the issue was fixed, it was an amazingly short time. Not only am I a happy customer, I am thankful too. I will not hesitate to recommend DW Aircon to friends.
Sunnie H Toh
Sunnie H Toh
11:29 09 Apr 18
excellent services and workmanship for servicing of our aircons
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why Do I Need Regular Aircon Servicing?

Many homeowners hold the misconception that their air conditioners will work for a long time, and not require servicing unless it experiences issues.

In truth, an aircon that is used very often will require regular servicing just like most other appliances. Not only will this extend its lifespan, but it helps to lower your utility bills too while ensuring that no aircon issues arise.

What Are Signs I Require Aircon Servicing?

Maintaining a functional air conditioning system is essential for comfort and efficiency, especially in regions with extreme temperatures. Recognizing signs that indicate the need for air conditioning servicing can help prevent breakdowns and ensure the optimal performance of your cooling unit.

You should engage aircon servicing services immediately if your aircon shows signs of the following:

  • Inadequate cooling 
  • Odd noises
  • Aircon turns off randomly
  • Higher power bills 
  • Bad aircon odour
How Often Should Aircon Servicing Be Done?

If your aircon is constantly used daily, it’s best for you to engage a trusted aircon servicing company at least every three months. This will be enough to maintain its condition and avoid expensive aircon repairs.

For commercial aircons, it is recommended to do it monthly. On the other hand, For residential aircons, every three months is recommended.

How Much Does Aircon Servicing Cost?

One-Time Servicing

Quarterly Package Price

1 Fan Coil


2 Fan Coils



3 Fan Coils



4 Fan Coils



5 Fan Coils



For more aircon servicing prices, please view here.

Why Should You Opt For A Professional Aircon Servicing Company in Singapore?

While choosing to personally fix your air conditioning system may initially appear enticing, it often results in considerable inconvenience. Conversely, enlisting a professional aircon servicing company provides numerous benefits, such as:

  • Efficient Use of Energy
  • Ease of use
  • Safety
  • Efficient
  • Improved Air Quality
  • Reliability
  • Use Of The Right Tools
  • Reasonable Pricing

5 Factors You Need To Know About Aircon Servicing

In Singapore, air conditioning units are deemed indispensable for sustaining a comfortable environment. Familiarizing yourself with the factors you need to know about aircon servicing not only enhances your appreciation for its advantages but also equips you with the knowledge to effectively care for your unit.

Replace Your Air Filters Regularly


A common oversight during routine aircon maintenance is insufficient awareness among individuals regarding the necessity of replacing air filters. It is crucial to emphasize that air filters should be replaced at intervals of no more than 6-12 months.

Clean Your Aircon Fan Periodically

One essential aspect of aircon servicing involves the meticulous cleaning of the fan housed within the unit. This procedure is imperative to enhance the air quality expelled by your aircon, preventing the things that can happen if regular aircon cleaning is not done, such as the aircon not cooling.

Do Not Leave Your Aircon On The Whole Day


Numerous air conditioner proprietors believe that continuous operation throughout the day poses no potential issues.  To optimize the performance of your air conditioner and mitigate the common aircon issues that call for professional aircon servicing, it is advisable to utilize the unit meticulously, activating it only when necessary.

Cleaning Your Aircon Can Lower Its Maintenance Costs


Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system is crucial for minimizing overall maintenance costs. Ensuring that your unit remains consistently clean significantly reduces the likelihood of encountering issues that may necessitate costly air conditioning repairs.

It is Best to Hire Professionals for Aircon Servicing

An air conditioning system comprises several components that are susceptible to damage if not handled properly. Consequently, if you lack the requisite expertise and experience on how to troubleshoot and perform self-maintenance on your air conditioning unit, it is best to opt for a professional aircon servicing company that provides quality maintenance.

After being familiar with the factors you need to know about aircon servicing, it is time to know some ways regular aircon servicing can save you money.


4 Ways Regular Aircon Servicing Can Save You Money

If you haven’t been keeping up with regular aircon cleaning, expect that this not only leads to the circulation of unhealthy air, but it can also spike your energy bills. To avoid these problems and save some money, it’s crucial to prioritize regular aircon servicing.

Reduces the Power Consumption of Your Aircon


If you’ve observed a sudden surge in your electricity expenses, it could be a sign that it’s time to hire a professional for aircon troubleshooting. Your aircon unit compensates by drawing more power, inevitably leading to escalated energy costs. To mitigate this issue and restore energy efficiency in your air conditioning system, seeking professional aircon maintenance from a reliable company is strongly advised.

The Aircon System Will Experience Fewer Repairs

Neglecting regular maintenance for your residential or office air conditioning system can lead to a variety of issues, such as the aircon is not cold. Some aircon repair signs may necessitate substantial and costly services. To mitigate the risk of such occurrences, it is advisable to schedule routine air conditioning servicing.

Lessen The Aircon Maintenance Cost


An efficiently operating aircon system is contingent upon its cleanliness and proper maintenance. To ensure optimal functionality and reduce the need for extensive repairs, you should opt for an aircon servicing company. Neglecting this routine upkeep can lead to a multitude of cooling issues and other complications associated with a dirty aircon unit, necessitating diverse repairs.

Avoid the Necessity of Replacing Your Aircon


Persisting in the use of the appliance even if it already indicates the need for aircon repair or replacement can result in severe and irreversible damage. Once you identify the common issues that call for professional aircon servicing, it would be advisable to enlist a reliable one for prompt solutions. Regular servicing by skilled technicians ensures the longevity of your aircon by proactively addressing and preventing extensive damage.

Now that you discover the ways regular aircon servicing can save you money, it’s equally important to know why you should not do DIY aircon servicing.


Why Should You Not Do DIY Aircon Servicing

Following an aircon installation, it’s crucial to recognize that regular servicing is essential for both residential and commercial units to maintain long-term functionality. Neglecting this can lead to various issues, requiring extensive repairs. DIY attempts pose the risk of causing substantial damage, potentially requiring a complete unit replacement. Therefore, choosing professional aircon servicing, like an aircon chemical overhaul, is strongly advised.

Potentially Incur a Higher Expense


To facilitate the efficient performance of aircon servicing, specific tools and components are essential. However, these items are often prohibitively expensive for the average individual to acquire. Fortunately, opting for an aircon servicing contract can save you money as they have the necessary aircon parts and tools, alleviating the strain on your budget.

Not Capable to Diagnose Your Aircon Problems Correctly

If you lack sufficient knowledge and hands-on experience in conducting air conditioning servicing, the likelihood of accurately diagnosing any prevailing signs of aircon that need repair is significantly diminished. To ensure a thorough and effective troubleshooting process for your air conditioner, it is advisable to enlist experts who are well-versed in promptly identifying the indications of whether your aircon needs repair or replacement, as well as, addressing air conditioning emergencies, ensuring swift and efficient resolution.

Might Be Dangerous to Open Your Unit By Yourself


Many individuals endeavoring to maintain their air conditioning systems often resort to utilizing do-it-yourself (DIY) videos available on the Internet. However, these tutorials frequently provide procedures without sufficiently emphasizing potential hazards. To safeguard your air conditioner from enduring irreversible harm, you should opt for a professional aircon servicing company.

You Might Not Have The Necessary Equipment


Even with a basic understanding of air conditioning servicing, attempting to perform the task without the appropriate tools can lead to expensive and extensive damage. It is crucial to emphasize the necessity of using the right tools to address any issues seamlessly. In such cases, end-users can benefit from opting for an aircon servicing contract, as they have access to the essential equipment needed to effectively address air conditioning problems.

It Is Time-Consuming


Air conditioner servicing encompasses a range of technical procedures that require expertise. Trying to manage these tasks independently may result in additional damage, potentially affecting the duration of air conditioner servicing. To simplify the process and reduce the time spent on servicing your unit, it is recommended to seek the assistance of a professional air conditioner service.

Engaging in DIY air conditioning servicing comes with many disadvantages. This is why you should opt for a professional aircon servicing company for an efficient process.


Why Should You Opt For A Professional Aircon Servicing Company in Singapore

In Singapore’s climate, residents and businesses rely heavily on air conditioning for a comfortable environment. However, continuous use may lead to problems like aircon water leaks without proper maintenance. To prevent such issues, opting for the top aircon servicing company is crucial to address the issues, ensuring your unit remains in optimal condition.

Efficient Use of Energy


It is frequently misunderstood that aircon repair and aircon installation are simple and risk-free tasks. To forestall the emergence of aircon repair signs in your unit, it is advisable to outsource the responsibility to a reputable professional air conditioning service provider. Therefore, opting for the expertise of a qualified company not only shields your unit from potential issues but also guarantees long-term optimal performance and energy savings.

Ease of use

Installing an aircon on your own could lead to big problems. This can be very inconvenient especially if you’re not familiar with the steps involved. On the other hand, things are likely to go easy if you reach out and engage the best aircon installers as they have extensive knowledge and expertise, guaranteeing an efficient and trouble-free installation of your air conditioning unit.



One reason why you should not do DIY aircon servicing is it poses significant risks, particularly due to the involvement of handling heavy air conditioner repair tools and fragile components like fan blades and electrical parts. Errors in the manipulation of these tools and components can lead to hazardous situations and potentially fatal accidents. Fortunately, opting for the services of a skilled and experienced air conditioner technician can mitigate these risks.


Addressing air conditioning issues with a lack of the necessary knowledge and expertise is among the factors that can affect the duration of aircon servicing. This may hinder your ability to focus on other essential tasks and responsibilities. On the contrary, opting for professional aircon maintenance services ensures swift resolution to any emergency you encounter.

Improved Air Quality


An air conditioner serves a dual purpose, not only efficiently cooling your home or workspace but also contributing to enhanced air quality. To ensure optimal performance and air purity, it is advisable to engage professional aircon cleaning services. This proactive approach ensures that your home or office aircon consistently delivers a refreshing and clean environment.


Most of the time, attempting a do-it-yourself air conditioner repair or installation can lead to a decrease in performance, rendering the unit highly unreliable. Opting for the services of a professional air conditioner servicing company not only ensures a more reliable solution but also includes valuable tips for aircon servicing and maintenance.

Use Of The Right Tools


There are specific tools that you must use depending on what issues your unit having, especially when indications suggest the need for aircon repair or replacement. Nevertheless, certain tools can prove challenging to manage and may come with a hefty price tag. To mitigate the risk of causing damage to your air conditioner due to the improper use of tools, it is advisable to enlist the services of a professional air conditioner technician.

Reasonable Pricing

Numerous budget-friendly air conditioning companies in the market may impose high servicing fees, even for minor air conditioning issues. Some go a step further by charging additional fees while delivering subpar results. By opting for such a service provider, you can ensure that you receive quality service without hidden costs or unsatisfactory outcomes.

Having discussed the importance of engaging professional aircon servicing, move on to the things you can expect from a professional aircon servicing.


Things You Can Expect From A Professional Aircon Servicing in Singapore

Merely purchasing an air conditioning unit from a reputable brand is insufficient to ensure its longevity. To extend the lifespan of your investment, proper aircon maintenance is essential. One highly effective method is to engage in regular professional aircon servicing. These are the following points outline what you can expect from a professional aircon servicing in Singapore:

Cleaning of the Following Aircon Parts

It is beneficial for you to opt for an aircon servicing contract that cleans and maintains the following parts:

Aircon Front Covers


One importance of scheduling aircon maintenance is to give you consistent comfort and peace of mind. Sometimes, the often-overlooked component is the front cover. Accumulating more dirt than one might anticipate, necessitates periodic care to ensure optimal performance. Trained professionals initiate the maintenance process by thoroughly cleaning the front cover of your air conditioner.

Aircon Filters


Through regular use, your air conditioner accumulates a substantial amount of debris and dirt. This accumulation is one of the possible reasons why your aircon is not cold. It’s only through the intervention of professional air conditioning servicing that these hidden particles can be effectively eliminated, preventing potential problems such as ice formation within the system or instances when your aircon is not cold.

Evaporator Fin

Evaporator fins play a crucial role in the cooling process. Due to frequent usage, these fins are susceptible to bending or clogging, leading to significant airflow restrictions and a decline in the air conditioner’s efficiency. Opting for professional air conditioning servicing that knows how to fix aircon that is not cooling, can ensure thorough cleaning of evaporator fins.

Drainage Tray

The often-neglected drainage tray is vital for your air conditioner’s optimal function. Continuous water exposure leads to algae and fungus, resulting in a troublesome slime layer that can clog the drain line. Professional services address this issue, ensuring the removal of slime and proactive measures to prevent its return.

Blower Wheel


Even a mere one-eighth-inch layer of dirt on your air conditioner’s blower wheel has the potential to reduce airflow by almost 30 percent. Recognizing this aspect, whether it’s residential or commercial and industrial aircon servicing, professionals prioritize the meticulous care of your blower wheel during routine maintenance.

Vacuuming Water Drainage Pipe

Throughout their maintenance service, technicians will meticulously inspect for any signs of water leakage or pooling in the vicinity of your unit. Next, they will thoroughly investigate the integrity of tubes and pipes within your air conditioning unit to identify any signs of needing aircon repair.

Routine Check for the Following Aircon Parts

Another tip for aircon servicing, together with cleaning, is checking for the aircon parts which are mentioned below:

All Electrical Components

Each electrical component must receive thorough attention to prevent potential air conditioning issues that could compromise its efficiency or lead to complete malfunction shortly. This can also result in costly repairs, which is why opting for an air conditioning service contract can save you money in the long run.



To begin with, a technician will check the controller of your aircon. At times you may feel something is wrong with the unit, but just a little problem in your controller may be all that is to be taken care of.


If a thermistor malfunctions, it has the potential to inaccurately display temperatures or result in unusual temperature fluctuations. In addition to performing routine air conditioner cleaning, the technician will also inspect the thermistor to ensure its proper functioning and prevent any such issues from arising.

Swing Motor

The role of the air conditioner’s swing motor is to effectively distribute and blend warm indoor air with the already cooled air, ensuring a more efficient temperature regulation. If any issues arise with the swing motor, it serves as a clear indication that you need aircon repair or replacement of some components. Opting for professional air conditioner servicing ensures that your swing motor receives the necessary attention and maintenance it requires for optimal performance.

Uncommon Noise Problem

Your air conditioning unit typically runs quietly, but any noticeable noise might signal a problem. Your technician will alert you to any signs of aircon issues related to unusual aircon sounds.

Leakage Problems


Your technician will even look for any leakage in and around the unit. Once they determine whether the aircon is leaking water or gas, they can immediately find ways to fix it.

Odour from Aircon Breeze

If your air conditioner is emitting an unpleasant odor, rest assured that aircon servicing technicians will promptly address this issue. These professionals will conduct a thorough inspection of the interior components to identify the root causes of the unpleasant smell. Once the source is identified, technicians will skillfully rectify the problem by implementing effective solutions, which may include aircon chemical cleaning to eliminate the undesirable odor emanating from your air conditioner.

Test Blower Air Flow Level and Air Flow Temperature Level

Finally, technicians will conduct comprehensive tests on the blower’s airflow level and temperature to ensure optimal performance. This meticulous examination guarantees that your unit operates efficiently, swiftly cooling your home without imposing additional strain that may result in elevated electricity costs.



Recognizing the factors of aircon servicing is vital for optimal performance and cost savings. With regular maintenance, including air filter replacement and fan cleaning, you can prevent extensive repairs and prolong the unit's life. Opting for professional aircon servicing over DIY efforts ensures safety, efficiency, and improved air quality at reasonable costs. Professional aircon servicing services encompass thorough cleaning of essential components and routine checks on electrical elements, controllers, and potential issues such as aircon leaking water. Prioritizing professional aircon servicing not only reduces energy consumption but also guarantees a healthier and more durable unit, offering long-term comfort and peace of mind

If you are looking for a trusted and reliable aircon servicing company, consider DW Cleaning Services Group Singapore as we provide you with high-quality aircon servicing services all throughout the country. Our professional team specializes in professional aircon service, ensuring optimal performance, improved energy efficiency, and a healthier indoor environment. Contact DW Cleaning Services Group Singapore today to experience the convenience of having well-maintained aircon.


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