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Our floor polishing technicians have over 10 years of experience in the industry. We have been serving 1000s of residential & commercial estates - no complaints at all!


Our floor polishing service is meant to be fast and easy for you. You can also check out list of different floor polishing services to better fit your needs!


DW Cleaning Services Group Singapore makes sure that our floor polishing technicians can execute a wide range of floor polishing services. We make sure to use eco-friendly materials, so our services are assured to not only protect your welfare but is also good for the environment.


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Marble Polishing Process

Surface Cleaning and Grinding

The marble surface will first be cleaned, before undergoing the grinding process. This removes the surface defections and prepares the marble for the next step.

Buffering the Marble Floors

Industrial grade diamond powder is used to smooth and shine the marble, as well as remove scratches and stains. This helps ensure a uniform appearance on the marble surface

Marble Polishing

This step returns the natural shine of your marble floor before it is rinsed and cleaned to remove any additional powder residue.

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Wood Polishing Process


Our professionals work meticulously during the sanding process to ensure a smooth and even surface.


Filling gaps ensure that your wood floors remain in good condition longer.


Wood needs to be stained to obtain the desired colour for your floor.


Varnishing provides an additional layer of protection so your floor remains in pristine condition longer

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Floor Polishing is one of our foundations in DW Cleaning Singapore. We provide professional Floor Polishing Services to homes all over Singapore. Our team of experts will ensure your marble floors are clean, shiny, and well taken care of.

Why Choose Us

Our goal in DW Cleaning Services Group Singapore is to give 100% Satisfaction for every cleaning service we provide.


Cleaning Methods

We offer cleaning methods like scrubbing, steam cleaning, deep vacuuming, and hot water deep extraction.


With Extensive Experience

Our team of technicians are trained and have years of experience in cleaning mattresses, aircon, sofas, carpets, and floor.


Point of Contact

Easily contact us via WhatsApp for your cleaning needs. We will provide you with a direct quote after our customer support team has assessed the situation.



We offer professional cleaning services at very affordable prices - zero hidden costs and 100% transparency.


Dorothy Wong
Dorothy Wong
08:44 31 May 24
Harun has been very efficient and professional in attending to our marble floor polishing. It was done flawlessly within schedule and they have all helped with moving our furniture around to make it happen. The Company is very accommodating in terms of working out a schedule that works for us and we greatly appreciate. Highly recommended for those who need this service at a very reasonable rate too!
Yinggit Chan
Yinggit Chan
09:43 21 Mar 24
Harun was helping us with marble floor polishing. Very happy with results. Harun is very professional.
Kevin Yu
Kevin Yu
08:45 11 May 23
Fantastic service. I had the pleasure of having Das help me with my marble floor polishing. Previously, I had scuffs and scratches and plenty of unremovable stains on the flooring, but after polishing, the marble floor is so clean it is like a mirror! (Photo as attached, the reflection of the sky can be seen!) Das is professional, friendly and skilled. He has also given me advice on how to maintain my floor to keep it shiny and lustrous! Thank you Das! Highly recommend him to anyone else looking to do marble polishing!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Are The Benefits of Engaging Professional Floor Polishing Services?

While DIY floor polishing is possible, it will take a lot of time and may not produce the desired results. Here are the benefits of engaging professional floor polishing services:

  • Recover Lost Shine
  • Removes Stains, Scratches, And Marks
  • Floors Will Last Longer
  • It Is Convenient
What Should I Avoid When Looking For Floor Polishing Services?

You should hire a professional floor polishing service provider to restore the appearance of your floors. However, it is essential to be aware of the mistakes you should avoid when choosing a floor polishing service provider:

  • Not Going With A Specialized Floor Enhancing Company 
  • Not Asking For A Quotation
  • Not Looking Into Previous Works
  • Companies with Untimely Replies
  • Not Checking Previous Reviews
How Often Should I Hire Floor Polishing Services?

Floor polishing should be done, based on the actual condition of the floor. In cases where there is a lot of traffic, it may be necessary to polish the floor more regularly. In rooms which are not used often, it is not necessary to regularly polish the floor. 

Although DIY polishing is possible, it is still best to contact a professional floor polishing service provider like DW Cleaning to determine the frequency on when to polish your floors. 

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