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Our floor polishing technicians have over 10 years of experience in the industry. We have been serving 1000s of residential & commercial estates - no complaints at all!


Our floor polishing service is meant to be fast and easy for you. You can also check out list of different floor polishing services to better fit your needs!


DW Cleaning group makes sure that our floor polishing technicians can execute a wide range of floor polishing services. We make sure to use eco-friendly materials, so our services are assured to not only protect your welfare but is also good for the environment.


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More of Our Floor Polishing Services


Marble Floor Polishing

Floor Polishing is one of our foundations in DW Cleaning Singapore. We provide professional Floor Polishing Services to homes all over Singapore. Our team of experts will ensure your marble floors are clean, shiny, and well taken care of.

Why Choose Us

Our goal in DW Cleaning Group Singapore is to give 100% Satisfaction for every cleaning service we provide.


Cleaning Methods

We offer cleaning methods like scrubbing, steam cleaning, deep vacuuming, and hot water deep extraction.


With Extensive Experience

Our team of technicians are trained and have years of experience in cleaning mattresses, aircon, sofas, carpets, and floor.


Point of Contact

Easily contact us via WhatsApp for your cleaning needs. We will provide you with a direct quote after our customer support team has assessed the situation.



We offer professional cleaning services at very affordable prices - zero hidden costs and 100% transparency.


James T P Lim
James T P Lim
12:55 18 Oct 22
Marble floor polishing for my small apartment was well done. Pricing was reasonable and prompt service
Terence Sim
Terence Sim
01:39 14 Oct 22
Fantastic service!Manager + 1 migrant worker came to polish our floor. Helped to move simple light furniture.Cleaned up all the grime on the floor and turned it shiny shiny. Looks like brand new floor.Cost is very economical. Will definitely share with my family and friends who need marble floor polishing.Well done and all the best!
Cindy Chong
Cindy Chong
00:37 14 Oct 22
I am very satisfied with the marble floor polishing work. The 2 specialist are very professional and did a fantastic job. I will highly recommend to anyone that need marble floor polishing.
Lindy Tan
Lindy Tan
17:16 13 Sep 21
I needed someone to polish my marble floors because of they many stains and dirt which they had accumulated over the years. When a friend recommended this company, I decided to give it a try. To my suprise, their servicing costs were really low and it was really easy to book an appointment with them. As a matter of fact, the customer support staff were really helpful and promised to send over some very competent people. Moreover, they tried to very best to answer all questions I had as well as address many of my concerns. To be honest, I hadn't experienced such friendly service from the other service providers which I had called in the past. A few days later, some workers came and inspected all our floors which needed cleaning. Luckily enough, they were really patient and worked very hard to remove all stubborn marks. I was really astonished because it only took them a short amount of time to complete the work. Once they were finished, I felt more than satisfied with the work they did. If ever I require floor polishing services again, I have no doubt as to who to contact.
Sandy Lee
Sandy Lee
02:26 12 Jun 21
I actually didn't know much about this company. So you can imagine how nervous I was when I decided to avail of their services. When the workers came, I didn't expect them to do much. But in fact they did! They were able to complete the floor polishing work in a very professional manner and did an excellent job in getting my floors cleaned up. Just so you know, they even did some extra work without charging us extra costs! Never have I experienced their level of service. As a result, I really recommend them to those in need of similar services!
Thanom Kadesadayurat
Thanom Kadesadayurat
20:18 30 Apr 21
They did the necessary work very quickly. Furthermore, they were very professional and charged us very low prices. I definitely recommend them to those in need of a good floor polishing company.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Are The Benefits of Engaging Professional Floor Polishing Services?

While DIY floor polishing is possible, it will take a lot of time and may not produce the desired results. Here are the benefits of engaging professional floor polishing services:

  • Recover Lost Shine
  • Removes Stains, Scratches, And Marks
  • Floors Will Last Longer
  • It Is Convenient
What Should I Avoid When Looking For Floor Polishing Services?

You should hire a professional floor polishing service provider to restore the appearance of your floors. However, it is essential to be aware of the mistakes you should avoid when choosing a floor polishing service provider:

  • Not Going With A Specialized Floor Enhancing Company 
  • Not Asking For A Quotation
  • Not Looking Into Previous Works
  • Companies with Untimely Replies
  • Not Checking Previous Reviews
How Often Should I Hire Floor Polishing Services?

Floor polishing should be done, based on the actual condition of the floor. In cases where there is a lot of traffic, it may be necessary to polish the floor more regularly. In rooms which are not used often, it is not necessary to regularly polish the floor. 

Although DIY polishing is possible, it is still best to contact a professional floor polishing service provider like DW Cleaning to determine the frequency on when to polish your floors. 

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