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Merely purchasing an air conditioning unit from a reputable brand is insufficient to ensure its longevity. To extend the lifespan of your investment, proper aircon maintenance is essential. One highly effective method is to engage in regular professional aircon servicing. If you haven’t experienced comprehensive aircon servicing before, you might be curious about its significance and the outcomes it yields. 

The following points outline what you can anticipate from a professional aircon servicing in Singapore: 


Cleaning of the Following Aircon Parts

It is beneficial for you to opt for an aircon servicing contract that cleans and maintains the following parts:

Aircon Front Covers


One importance of scheduling aircon maintenance is to give you consistent comfort and peace of mind. Sometimes, the often-overlooked component is the front cover. Accumulating more dirt than one might anticipate, necessitates periodic care to ensure optimal performance. Trained professionals initiate the maintenance process by thoroughly cleaning the front cover of your air conditioner. Witnessing the surprising extent of dirt accumulation underscores the importance of aircon cleaning. The remarkable transformation it undergoes enhances the overall health and efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

Aircon Filters


Through regular use, your air conditioner accumulates a substantial amount of debris and dirt. This accumulation is one of the possible reasons why your aircon is not cold. It’s only through the intervention of professional air conditioning servicing that these hidden particles can be effectively eliminated, preventing potential problems such as ice formation within the system or instances when your aircon is not cold

Evaporator Fin

Evaporator fins play a crucial role in the cooling process. As air circulates over these fins, it undergoes a cooling effect before being distributed into various rooms through the air conditioning system’s vents and ducts. Due to frequent usage, these fins are susceptible to bending or clogging, leading to significant airflow restrictions and a decline in the air conditioner’s efficiency. Opting for professional air conditioning servicing that knows how to fix aircon that is not cooling, can ensure thorough cleaning of evaporator fins. This proactive maintenance prevents the accumulation of debris and maintains optimal airflow, eliminating the need for the air conditioner to exert additional pressure to function effectively.

Drainage Tray

The often-neglected drainage tray is vital for your air conditioner’s optimal function. Continuous water exposure leads to algae and fungus, resulting in a troublesome slime layer that can clog the drain line. Professional services address this issue, ensuring the removal of slime and proactive measures to prevent its return. This comprehensive approach not only maintains the efficiency of your air conditioner but also extends its lifespan by checking and optimizing various components.

Blower Wheel


Even a mere one-eighth-inch layer of dirt on your air conditioner’s blower wheel has the potential to reduce airflow by almost 30 percent. Recognizing this aspect, whether it’s residential or commercial and industrial aircon servicing, professionals prioritize the meticulous care of your blower wheel during routine maintenance. In addition to addressing common air conditioner issues, their expertise ensures that your unit consistently delivers optimal airflow for your comfort and satisfaction.

Vacuuming Water Drainage Pipe

Throughout their maintenance service, technicians will meticulously inspect for any signs of water leakage or pooling in the vicinity of your unit. Next, they will thoroughly investigate the integrity of tubes and pipes within your air conditioning unit to identify any signs of needing aircon repair. Lastly, as part of their comprehensive maintenance routine, technicians will diligently clean the drain, eliminating debris and dirt to proactively prevent any aircon leaking water from happening.


Routine Check for the Following Aircon Parts

Another tip for aircon servicing, together with cleaning, is checking for the aircon parts which are mentioned below:

All Electrical Components

Each electrical component must receive thorough attention to prevent potential air conditioning issues that could compromise its efficiency or lead to complete malfunction shortly. This can also result in costly repairs, which is why opting for an air conditioning service contract can save you money in the long run. Professionals in these contracts know how to address each component diligently, ensuring the seamless and reliable operation of your air conditioning system without the need to hire other professionals.



To begin with, a technician will check the controller of your aircon. At times you may feel something is wrong with the unit, but just a little problem in your controller may be all that is to be taken care of.


If a thermistor malfunctions, it has the potential to inaccurately display temperatures or result in unusual temperature fluctuations. In addition to performing routine air conditioner cleaning, the technician will also inspect the thermistor to ensure its proper functioning and prevent any such issues from arising.

Swing Motor

The role of the air conditioner’s swing motor is to effectively distribute and blend warm indoor air with the already cooled air, ensuring a more efficient temperature regulation. If any issues arise with the swing motor, it serves as a clear indication that you need aircon repair or replacement of some components. Opting for professional air conditioner servicing ensures that your swing motor receives the necessary attention and maintenance it requires for optimal performance.

Uncommon Noise Problem

Your air conditioning unit typically runs quietly, but any noticeable noise might signal a problem. Your technician will alert you to any signs of aircon issues related to unusual aircon sounds.

Leakage Problems


Your technician will even look for any leakage in and around the unit. Once they determine whether the aircon is leaking water or gas, they can immediately find ways to fix it. 

Odour from Aircon Breeze

If your air conditioner is emitting an unpleasant odor, rest assured that aircon servicing technicians will promptly address this issue. These professionals will conduct a thorough inspection of the interior components to identify the root causes of the unpleasant smell. However, it’s important to note that this process takes time, which makes it a contributing factor that affects the duration of aircon servicing. Once the source is identified, technicians will skillfully rectify the problem by implementing effective solutions, which may include aircon chemical cleaning to eliminate the undesirable odor emanating from your air conditioner.

Test Blower Air Flow Level and Air Flow Temperature Level

Finally, technicians will conduct comprehensive tests on the blower’s airflow level and temperature to ensure optimal performance. This meticulous examination guarantees that your unit operates efficiently, swiftly cooling your home without imposing additional strain that may result in elevated electricity costs.

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After investing in air conditioning brands and models, it is crucial to complement this with regular air conditioning servicing to extend the lifespan of your unit. However, ensure that you avoid common mistakes when opting for professional aircon servicing services as it can lead to further expenditure and problems. Your chosen professional air conditioning servicing should be meticulous when it comes to maintaining and cleaning air conditioners, which includes a comprehensive inspection of various components, contributing to optimal performance. To guarantee a thorough and expertly executed service, it is advisable to enlist the expertise of a reputable company like DW Cleaning Services Group Singapore. Our team of highly skilled technicians is well-regarded for our proficiency and ensures that your air conditioning system is serviced with precision and care.

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