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Most homeowners protect their mattresses with an appropriately sized mattress cover to keep them clean and hygienic. However, the thin layer of fabric is not able to completely prevent the build-up of dirt and bacteria on or even within the mattress itself. This is why one of the best ways to ensure your mattress’ cleanliness is to opt for mattress steam cleaning. Here are the five benefits of mattress steam cleaning: 


It Removes Pest Infestations

Engaging mattress steam cleaning services is an effective way to get rid of pests (e.g. dust mites) that are already living in your mattress. The hot steam greatly reduces the dust mite population within your mattress, giving you peace of mind once the mattress dries. 


It Ensures the Mattress Is Cleaned Thoroughly


A dirty and moist mattress is a hotbed for fungus, bacteria, and other germs. While mattress vacuuming can help to get rid of the dirt, it is usually insufficient to properly clean the bacteria and allergens that have penetrated deep into the mattress. The hot steam from mattress steam cleaning helps to break down these stubborn compounds for the subsequent extraction process.  This will make your mattress safer for you to sleep on. 


It Is Safe

Some homeowners are allergic to certain chemicals used in stain removal products and detergents. This makes it a good idea to engage in a professional mattress steam cleaning service as it only utilizes hot water to clean the mattress and does not leave behind harmful residue compared to other chemical-based cleaning services.


It Increases the Mattress’s Lifespan


A mattress made of good quality is for sure expensive, making it impossible to regularly change it. You do not have to purchase a new one if you regularly clean your mattress and do a mattress steam cleaning two times a year to keep it clean, hygienic, and safe to use. This therefore will increase your mattress’ lifespan. 


It Makes the Mattress Smell Good


After a long day at work, you would want to lay down on a fresh clean mattress to rest. There would be times when you would smell something strange from your mattress, and it may be due to the build-up of bacteria. To get rid of this smell, the best thing to do is opt for a mattress steam cleaning

Steam cleaning helps to get rid of germs and bacteria, which eventually reduces the odor of your mattress. Professional mattress cleaning will even use a deodorization procedure that can completely remove the nasty smell.


Contact DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore for Mattress Steam Cleaning Services

Once you understand the importance of mattress steam cleaning, you would likely realize that you might not have the skills nor the time to do it on your own. If you are looking for optimal results, then DW Cleaning Services is for you. 

Our professionals have extensive experience and training. Our mattress steam cleaning services will certainly help kill dust mites, germs, and bacteria. It can also easily eliminate dirt and most stains. Once the task is done, the results can surprise you because it can make your mattress look clean, fresh, and look brand new. 



Homeowners in Singapore want to invest in a good quality mattress thinking it can last a long time even if left uncleaned. However, your mattress will eventually become dirty over prolonged usage, which can lead to health complications. This is why mattress cleaning is important for your health. To get rid of these, it is best to opt for a mattress steam cleaning. Mattress steam cleaning has benefits that include increasing the lifespan of the mattress, can make the mattress smell good, safer as it does not leave harmful chemicals, can help get rid of pests, and cleaning the mattress thoroughly.

You can fully enjoy all the benefits if you engage with a professional like DW Cleaning as they are all well-trained and experienced experts who can do the service efficiently and effectively. 


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