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Many stains such as wine stains, alcohol stains, and coffee stains can make a mattress look extremely unsightly and dirty. Due to this, many homeowners would like to know how to perform mattress stain removal by themselves. If you are among them, be sure to avoid making these mistakes:


Using Aggressive Chemical Cleaning Agents


Making use of aggressive chemical cleaning agents when cleaning your mattress may seem ideal at first. However, they can actually cause further damage to your mattress and make it shrink. No matter what type of mattress stain you have, it’s better to just apply mild chemical cleaning agents when removing stains to protect the mattress’s fabric. These will ensure that your mattress is thoroughly cleaned without its appearance being affected. 


Rubbing Mattress Stains


One of the biggest mistakes you can make during mattress cleaning is rubbing any stains that are visible. Always keep in mind that many mattress stains are the result of spills which contains moisture. If you rub on them, you might end up making them larger and much harder to remove. To remove visible mattress stains properly when doing the steps for DIY sofa cleaning or mattress cleaning, gently clean them with a mildly damp cloth until they fade. 


Make Your Mattress Wet

While mattress steam cleaning is beneficial, you should always make sure to avoid using too much water on your mattress. The reason for this is that soaking your mattress wet could result in mould formation. Not only does this happen with mattresses, but it is also a common carpet problem as well. You should therefore see to it that you work on the mattress stain in one area first and ensure that it is dry first before proceeding to turn the mattress over. 


Using Incorrect Water Temperature

Applying hot water is an essential step for eliminating mattress dust mites and performing mattress steam cleaning. However, using it for mattress stain removal could cause the stains to become really difficult to remove as there will not be enough time for it to cool down. It’s better to just use cold water when removing mattress stains as this will make them much easier to clean even with just a small amount of detergent and a clean cloth.  


Failing To Engage A Professional For Mattress Stain Removal

Despite knowing the importance of mattress deep cleaning, some homeowners don’t feel it’s necessary to call a professional immediately when their mattress is stained. Even though you could try removing visible stains on your mattress yourself, doing so can be difficult if you lack the proper tools and experience. One reason why you should hire a mattress cleaning company for mattress stain removal is that they have the skills necessary to remove difficult stains. It’s best to do so right away since stains are harder to remove the longer they remain uncleaned. 


Engage DW Cleaning Group Singapore For Mattress Stain Removal Services


It’s highly recommended that you contact DW Cleaning Group Singapore for mattress stain removal services. Our team of experienced professionals can perform different methods of cleaning your bed or mattress without causing any damage. With their help, any visible stains on your mattress may be eliminated efficiently. 



To avoid damaging your stained mattress, it’s vital to be familiar with the common mistakes homeowners make during DIY mattress stain removal. Make sure to avoid soaking your mattress wet as this could lead to mould formation. It’s also not a good idea to use aggressive chemical cleaning agents and incorrect water temperature as these can greatly damage the mattress. Lastly, it’s best to engage a professional for mattress stain removal instead of doing so yourself. One major difference between DIY and professional mattress deep cleaning is that a professional has the proper tools and experience for eliminating visible stains. 

To engage quality mattress stain removal services, contact DW Cleaning Singapore. 


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