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Since a bed is used daily, it tends to garner a lot of contaminants and particles. If left uncleaned, it could lead to experiencing negative health effects and poor indoor air quality. You might even be unable to sleep or relax properly and become less productive as a result. Thus, it’s extremely important to deep clean your bed regularly. 

Although it’s always best to call a professional for bed cleaning, many homeowners would like to know how to do this task by themselves. As such, here are different methods you can try for bed cleaning:


Disinfectant Spray Method


It’s highly recommended to use a disinfectant spray after performing mattress cleaning including mattress stain removal. This is because it can break down any contaminants that are present on the bed. Besides preventing health issues, disinfecting your bed also ensures that it doesn’t produce a foul odour. 

If you’re concerned about too much wetness when performing the steps for DIY sofa cleaning or bed cleaning, you need not worry as the alcohol solution evaporates immediately. However, check your mattress’s tag to confirm whether a disinfectant spray can be used on its fabric. 


Bed Steam Cleaning Method


Although it is highly technical, a major benefit of steam cleaning a mattress or bed is its affordability. This service involves removing contaminants from the bed using very hot steam. Some might even use chemicals for more thorough cleaning. Not only does bed steam cleaning effectively deodorize your bed, but it makes it last longer as well. 


Peroxide or Enzyme Cleaner Method

If you have hydrogen peroxide, you can mix it with salt, soap, and water to make a bed cleaning solution.  Use a cloth to dab this on any visible stains on your bed until they fade. Make sure to avoid rubbing the stains as that could cause them to spread. This method is known to be highly effective for wet stains. If you have dried stains however, it would be a reason to hire a professional mattress cleaning company instead.


Vinegar Solution Method

Using vinegar is considered a highly effective way of eliminating bed contaminants when cleaning a mattress or bed. To make a vinegar solution, simply mix the vinegar with water in a spray bottle. You can also add a few drops of essential oil for additional fragrance to your bed.  Once your solution is ready, just spray it on your bed until no contaminants are present. Dry your bed under sunlight afterwards as leaving it wet would be a common mistake to make during DIY mattress stain removal.


Baking Soda Method


If you still notice a foul odour or moisture after you’ve cleaned your mattress, you can apply baking soda. This will make your bed smell much better whilst also eliminating harmful particles that are present. Just spread the baking soda on all parts of the bed and let it sit for one day. Once 24 hours have passed, vacuum all traces of baking soda on the bed. 


Vodka Method

Vodka can also be used to clean your bed since it has a high amount of alcohol. All you need to do is pour it into a spray bottle and then apply it all over the bed. This will kill any signs of dirt, dust, and bacteria on your bed. Make sure to completely dry your bed afterwards as vodka is highly flammable. In the event that you are unable to get rid of dust mites on your mattress, you should engage a professional for dust mite cleaning to help you as they have the skills and knowledge.



Even if you know the importance of mattress deep cleaning, being familiar with different bed cleaning methods will make your bed cleaning experience much easier. You can perform bed steam cleaning as it removes contaminants using very hot steam. Disinfectant spray is also highly effective as it breaks down any contaminants present on your bed. 

For stronger bed cleaning methods, you can apply a vinegar solution or vodka. As for baking soda, you can spread it all over your bed to remove odour or harmful particles present on your bed. Lastly, you can apply a peroxide or enzyme cleaner to eliminate any visible stains.

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