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Not everyone has enough time and the proper cleaning tools to deep clean their bed. Many people might not be familiar enough with the different bed cleaning methods to ensure that their bed is cleaned thoroughly. For this reason, they prefer to engage a professional for bed cleaning services. 

There are many businesses in Singapore that offer bed cleaning and other mattress cleaning services at different prices. However, not all of them might have professionals who have the right skills to do bed cleaning efficiently. Thus, it’s important to consider a number of points before engaging a bed cleaning service in Singapore. 

Here are factors you should consider before opting for professional bed cleaning services:


Years Of Experience

Whatever your reason is for hiring a mattress cleaning company, it’s extremely vital to consider how long they’ve been around before deciding to engage them. Businesses that have opened more recently may provide bed cleaning services at lower prices. However, businesses that have been in existence for much longer are more likely to provide quality bed cleaning. Their staff will also be experienced and more capable of attending to your other cleaning needs such as sofa cleaning and providing solutions for your carpet problems


Online Reviews

Since many homeowners recognize the importance of mattress deep cleaning, they might want to engage a professional to help deep clean their bed. There are many bed cleaning services that can be found online. That said, it’s best to exercise caution when looking for bed cleaning services online as some companies may not be reliable. If a company’s review page showcases many positive cleaning reviews, it’s more likely to have a high number of satisfied customers. In contrast, businesses that don’t have too many positive reviews often have fewer satisfied clients.


Bed Cleaning Prices

In case you’re unsure about the reviews given to a company, you can decide whether to hire them based on their bed or mattress cleaning prices. Some bed cleaning services charge a very low rate while others can be quite costly. Those with very low bed cleaning prices tend to use low quality chemicals and tools for cleaning. This could negatively affect the bed’s appearance and result in further damage. On the other hand, some companies charge higher because they make use of the best cleaning tools for thorough and efficient mattress cleaning.

  • Bed Size


How large the mattress is can also contribute to the cost of bed cleaning. This is because it takes longer to remove different types of mattress stains and other dirt on larger beds than smaller beds. If you’re not sure what size your bed falls under, you can check with the company itself. Afterward, do a proper comparison of how much each company charges for cleaning it. 

  • Bed Cleaning Methods


The cost of bed cleaning will also depend on the different bed cleaning methods used. A company that charges low prices for bed cleaning often uses methods that only improve the bed’s appearance without cleaning it thoroughly. Meanwhile, more reputable companies have higher bed cleaning prices only because they make use of the best cleaning methods. This includes deep mattress vacuuming, shampooing, scrubbing, mattress steam cleaning, and hot water deep extraction.   


Bed Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

Cleaning supplies and equipment contribute greatly to the effectiveness of bed cleaning. If a bed cleaning company uses only basic or substandard equipment, any steps they follow to eliminate dust mites from the mattress as well as stains and dirt will be ineffective. For this reason, you should check with the company regarding their cleaning services to see what equipment they use and the prices of their bed cleaning services.


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If you see signs that you need to engage a professional for dust mite cleaning or bed deep cleaning, keep in mind the factors discussed above to choose the best bed cleaning service. Companies that provide quality bed cleaning are often the ones that have been in the business for a long time. Moreover, they often have many positive reviews from customers. Besides these, you should also consider whether a company’s bed cleaning prices are reasonable based on their cleaning methods and the mattress sizes they service. Lastly, professional bed cleaning services should have the best supplies and equipment to ensure efficient and thorough cleaning.


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