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Regular maintenance is crucial if you want your air conditioner to always operate at its best. It will enable your unit to operate effectively for a longer period of time. Both aircon chemical wash and aircon servicing contract will help you maintain your air conditioner. You will be able to save more money over time by preventing frequent repairs. Below, we will examine how the two air conditioning services differ from one another.


What is general aircon servicing?

There are several steps in the general aircon servicing process. It includes cleaning filters, draining the water, and dusting the condenser and pipes. You can also do the aircon cleaning on your own if you are on a tight budget. It does not require any complicated procedures or equipment, so DIY can still be your option. 

On the other hand, an air conditioner chemical wash is more thorough. The cost of aircon servicing is considerably less compared to aircon chemical wash. 


How is general aircon servicing conducted?


The basic aircon servicing services generally include:

  1. The aircon screens and outer panels are thoroughly cleaned with water. Dirty filters can be the reason why your aircon does not produce cool air. This is one of the things that can happen if regular aircon cleaning is not done.
  2. Evaporator coils, blower wheel, and fan coil are cleaned. There are also added services depending on the issues identified by the technician. This includes checking the compressor and doing oil treatment for the fan motors. 
  3. The compressor and condenser will be inspected by the professional to check if they have issues. They do this by recharging the system and checking the filters of the unit. 
  4. The expert will check the condenser to ensure that the airflow is not blocked. This ensures that the system is running at the correct pressure and temperature.
  5. Both the drainpipe and pan will be flushed by the air conditioning specialist.
  6. The condition of all the electrical components will be examined for wear and damage.
  7. The technician will check the coolant level and listen for any air conditioner noise. This will allow the technician to know if the aircon is already working properly. 
  8. A trial run will be done to make sure it will function properly.


What is an aircon chemical wash?


Cleaning aircon components using chemical solutions is known as aircon chemical washing. This includes cleaning the coil, condensers, air filters, and water trays. This method removes any debris or dust that has accumulated inside the unit to make your air conditioner more energy efficient. 

If your unit still has issues after chemical washing, you may need to do an aircon chemical overhaul instead. An aircon chemical overhaul cleans more completely than an aircon chemical wash. This service involves checking for broken aircon parts so they may be fixed or replaced. The benefit of an air conditioner chemical overhaul is that it prevents issues with your air conditioner. 


How is an aircon chemical wash conducted?


An aircon chemical wash generally comprises of the following:

  1. The technician will pump down the refrigerant gas. Then, they will also lock the service valve.
  2. The technician will detach the electrical wiring from the fan coil unit. 
  3. They will also chemically wash the fan coils, fan blades, and blower wheels, and rinse it with water.
  4. The technician will grease the fan bearings. 
  5. The chemical cleaning of the internal air filter will be done.
  6. Aircon chemical cleaning will be done for the internal air filter and drainage pipes. 
  7. The pressure will be checked by the technician to ensure it is working properly. 
  8. Check if there are any more issues to resolve by turning the unit on. 



Essentially, dirt will build up inside the air conditioner over time. It is also true that this dirt has an impact on an aircon’s efficiency. It is crucial to get your unit serviced on a regular basis. General cleaning is effective at times, but there are occasions when chemical cleaning is required. Check if there is leaking water and bad smell from your aircon to know when you need to engage professional aircon chemical wash. In that case, you may contact DW Cleaning Group Singapore for excellent aircon maintenance services. 

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This article was reproduced from DW Aircon Servicing Singapore.