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Investing in a high-quality air conditioning unit from a well-known brand isn’t enough to guarantee its longevity. To ensure your air conditioner lasts, it’s crucial to take proper care of it, and regular aircon servicing, like professional aircon cleaning, is a must. If you’re not familiar with the general process of aircon cleaning services, here’s a breakdown of what a skilled professional includes in such a service


Cleaning of Aircon Parts


Front Covers

Regularly caring for the front covers of your aircon is important, as they gather more dirt than you might think. A professional aircon cleaning session starts with a thorough cleaning of these front covers, revealing a surprising amount of accumulated dirt that significantly improves the aircon’s condition.

Aircon Filters


Over time, dirt and debris, often too small to see, build up in your air conditioner. It is important to have clean aircon filters, as a dirty air filter can cause issues like ice formation, which can affect cooling. Professional aircon cleaning services clean the aircon fin to eliminate mold and dust buildup.

Evaporator Fins

Located on the evaporator, these delicate fins can become bent or clogged. This can cause restricted airflow and reduced efficiency, and could even be a reason why your aircon is not cold. Regular professional aircon cleaning addresses this issue by cleaning the evaporator fins, relieving the aircon of additional pressure.

Drainage Tray

If there are any indicators of mold in your aircon, technicians will inspect your drainage tray. Often overlooked, the drainage tray can accumulate mold, algae, and slime due to continuous water supply. Professional aircon cleaning services take steps to remove the slime and prevent its recurrence, ensuring optimal functionality and preventing water leakage issues.

Blower Wheel

Even a small amount of dirt on the blower wheel can reduce airflow by up to 30%. Professional aircon servicing includes a thorough cleaning of the blower wheel, addressing common aircon issues, and ensuring a consistent and enjoyable airflow.

Vacuuming of Water Drainage Pipe

A clogged water drainage pipe is a common reason why your aircon leaks water. If your unit is leaking water, Technicians will check for water leakage or pooling by inspecting tubes and pipes. Cleaning the drain and removing dirt and debris helps prevent water leakage problems.


Routine Checking of Aircon Parts


All Electrical Components

Every electrical component undergoes meticulous inspection to prevent potential aircon malfunctions. Professional aircon cleaning services will also be on the lookout for any signs that your aircon needs repair and will either promptly inform you or take care of it.

Aircon Controller

The aircon technician begins by checking the aircon controller and addressing any minor issues that may affect the unit’s performance.


Checking the thermistor is crucial to prevent temperature fluctuations and incorrect displays, ensuring optimal aircon performance. However, repairing the thermistor requires a certain level of electrical expertise. Whenever you notice an issue with the thermistor, that’s the time you should hire a professional for aircon troubleshooting.

Aircon Swing Motor

The swing motor, responsible for distributing even air, receives attention during aircon cleaning to avoid issues with cooling efficiency.

Uncommon Noises

Uncommon noises are one of the things that can happen if regular aircon cleaning is not done, and can be a sign of more significant issues. Any unusual noises are analyzed and addressed to prevent potential problems and ensure silent operation.

Water Leaks


Technicians identify and fix aircon leaking water issues during aircon cleaning, preventing damage to the unit.

Foul Odor

Foul odors are one of the things that will happen if you neglect aircon cleaning, especially if molds have grown within your aircon. Aircon cleaning services include investigating and eliminating bad odors, addressing the root cause of the issue.

Testing of Air Flow

The aircon technician concludes the service by testing the blower airflow level and airflow temperature level, ensuring optimal performance without unnecessary power consumption. If the airflow of your unit is still poor after cleaning, it may be an indication that your aircon needs repair or replacement for some of its parts.


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Simply choosing a top-selling aircon brand in Singapore is not sufficient. Regular engagement in aircon cleaning services is essential for maintaining your air conditioner’s performance and avoiding the need for aircon repair. Professional aircon maintenance and cleaning involves a comprehensive check of various components, ensuring thorough cleaning and effective operation. DW Aircon Servicing Singapore is recommended for their experienced technicians, to ensure efficient and reliable aircon services, including aircon servicing and maintenance.


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