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A polished, clean marble floor looks stunning. However, a marble surface will ultimately lose its shine from exposure to foot traffic. It will therefore be essential to hire marble floor polishing services to restore its beauty.

You might be wondering how you can tell when it’s time to polish your marble floors. Indicators that you should pay attention to would include:


Chipped Floor Tiles

A common cause of cracked or fractured marble tiles is their unevenness, or what experts refer to as lippage. One of the marble floor polishing techniques in Singapore done by professionals is honing the tiles to flatten minor lippage. If the lippage, however, is greater than 1 mm, the flooring will have to be grouted to restore its smoothness. After this process is over, the professional marble polisher will remove any scratches left over from the grinding procedure.


Loss of Polish


Your marble flooring may gradually begin to lose its polish, brightness, and luster. You need not worry, for floor polishing service can be used to restore their attractiveness.

If you are wondering what are the benefits of engaging a professional floor polishing service, it is that your marble floor will remain shiny and appealing. In addition, the technicians have the necessary equipment and materials to provide a high-quality finish. These may not be readily available in DIY products.




Regular wear and tear due to daily use results in scratches to your marble floors. When scratches build up, your marble will appear dirty, dull, and unattractive to look at. If you were to choose DIY floor polishing vs.  professional floor polishing, know that home remedies may only be able to mask minor defects. With routine cleaning and professional care, you can help maintain the longevity of your marble flooring and better manage the scratches that come from daily use.


Spots And Stains


The marble flooring in your kitchen, dining room, and bathroom(s) are vulnerable to spillages. These can stain the marble, especially if the spill is chemical in nature or not cleaned promptly.

One of the benefits of engaging a professional floor polishing service is that the experienced technicians are able to effectively clean old stains. This would be much harder to achieve with the typical DIY products in the market.



Marbles are made up of calcium carbonate, a mineral that dissolves in water. This is why water can quickly disintegrate marble floors and remove their shine. This erosion typically occurs in restrooms or other locations where there is consistent exposure to water.

If you notice any signs of erosion on your marble floors, it is best to have a professional floor polishing service immediately. Remember that if you want the best results, DIY marble floor polishing is not advised. It is preferable to leave the work to a professional like DW Cleaning to have good outcome like this floor polishing service in a condo in Katong Singapore project. 



Marble flooring eventually loses its shine and stunning appearance in almost all cases. Fortunately, by observing some symptoms, you may immediately tell when you require the assistance of a professional floor polishing service. These include chipped floor tiles, polish loss, scratches, stains, and erosion. To maintain the right appearance of your marble floors, it is advisable to engage a professional floor polishing service if you notice any of these symptoms. We have professionals at DW Cleaning who can perfectly meet your floor polishing needs since they are fully experienced and equipped to accomplish the task efficiently and effectively.


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