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Singapore’s hot and humid weather can be too much to bear, especially if one needs stay at home during the day. An aircon unit with regular aircon servicing can help make the heat more bearable. However, it may not be sufficient to ensure consistent peak performance. For that, you’d need to engage professionals to conduct an aircon chemical wash.


When Do You Need To Do An Aircon Chemical Wash In Singapore? 

  • Allergies

    allergies-when-do-you-need-to-engage-professional-aircon-chemical-wash-dw-cleaning-singaporeSome may find themselves struggling with allergic reactions in a specific air-conditioned room. Often, an uncleaned aircon is to blame, as it recycles the trapped bacteria and allergens. This is when an aircon chemical wash becomes essential to help you get rid of the allergens and avoid unwanted medical bills. 


  • Aircon leaking waterIf you notice your aircon leaking water, you should engage professional aircon chemical washing services as soon as possible. The technicians will help to clear out any drainpipe blockages, which is a common cause of the issue. 


  • Bad smell from the unit

    bad-smell-from-the-unit-when-do-you-need-to-engage-professional-aircon-chemical-wash-dw-cleaning-singaporeWhen you start to notice a bad odour coming from your aircon, a professional aircon chemical cleaning is necessary. This helps to eliminate the build-up of odour emitting bacteria, restoring a clean, fresh scent.


  • High electricity billshigh-electricity-bills-when-do-you-need-to-engage-professional-aircon-chemical-wash-dw-cleaning-singapore

    If you notice a sudden increase in your electricity bills, it could be a sign that your aircon is not functioning properly. In that case, it would be time to invest in a professional aircon chemical wash. The difference between aircon chemical wash and general aircon servicing is that it does not only clean your unit but also makes it work more effectively and efficiently. This happens by making it cool better and faster and so you do not have to keep it on all the time. With less usage, this helps to bring your electricity bills lower than usual.



To clean the air conditioning unit’s primary components, the professional aircon technician will use a chemical solution during the aircon cleaning service. Any particles, accumulated dirt, and other difficulties that might be causing your air conditioner problems will be eliminated by this solution. After the chemical wash, you may see a difference in your electricity bill and increase your comfort at your home or office.

Some indications that your aircon needs to engage professional aircon chemical wash includes leakage of water, unpleasant odour, triggers your allergies, or high electricity bills. If you’re thinking about performing an aircon chemical wash, hire a professional aircon servicing company like DW Cleaning to ensure that an aircon chemical wash is completed effectively and safely.


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This article was reproduced from DW Aircon Servicing Singapore