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Mattress cleaning is extremely vital as it prevents the mattress from looking unsightly and keeps it comfortable. Besides that, it prevents the mattress from gathering contaminants such as dust mites. These can cause severe respiratory symptoms and other health issues. As such, they should be eliminated right away.    

Many homeowners don’t have the proper tools and knowledge to remove dust mites by themselves. For this reason, it’s better to call a professional for mattress dust mite cleaning. Here is a guide to help you know more about dust mites and the signs that indicate you need to engage a professional for dust mite cleaning:


What are Dust Mites and Where Do They Come From?


Although extremely tiny, dust mites are harmful pests that thrive under humid temperatures. Not only that, they like to feed on dead skin and could trigger allergic symptoms if you don’t clean your mattress regularly. 


Signs You Need Professional Mattress Dust Mite Cleaning

Asthmatic Symptoms

You need to follow the steps to eliminate mattress dust mites as soon as you experience asthmatic symptoms like a runny nose, difficulty breathing, sneezing, and a burning feeling in the eyes. If these symptoms aren’t relieved right away, you could experience more severe health issues, as well as lowered productivity. This is why mattress cleaning is important for your health.

Nasal Problems


Another sign that you need to engage professional dust mite cleaning is when you are struggling with nasal issues. This would include congestion, nasal discharge, and postnasal drip. It’s important to do mattress deep cleaning as these symptoms could lead to chronic coughing. Besides that, you could experience dizziness and loss of balance.

Irritated Skin and Eyes

Another major sign that you need to hire a professional for dust mites cleaning is when your skin becomes severely irritated and itchy. If you keep scratching your skin because of dust mites, you’re more likely to have bacterial infections. You should also have dust mites on your mattress removed if your eyes get inflamed and teary. 

Trying to perform dust mite cleaning on your own can be quite difficult. One reason why you should hire a professional mattress cleaning company is they can easily remove dust mites on your mattress so your skin and eye problems are immediately resolved. 

Sleeping Difficulties


It’s also advisable to engage a professional to perform thorough cleaning on your mattress if you’re unable to sleep. Remember that the negative effects that dust mites have on your eyes and skin could also lead to sleeping difficulties. This in turn may result in more stress and decreased productivity. 

Skin Rashes


Once dust mites irritate your skin, they can also cause painful and uncomfortable rashes to develop. When this happens, you need to engage a professional for dust mite cleaning as soon as possible. They can perform different bed cleaning methods to eliminate any signs of dust mites on your mattress. 


Call DW Cleaning For Professional Dust Mite Cleaning

For mattress dust mite issues, it’s highly recommended to contact DW Cleaning Singapore. Our trained professionals will perform the following steps for your mattress:

  1. Mattress vacuuming for elimination of dust mites, dirt, and other harmful particles
  2. Shampooing the mattress to eliminate germs causing a foul odour
  3. Mattress stain removal through scrubbing to reduce visible stains
  4. Mattress steam cleaning to eliminate dust mites and pathogens present in the mattress
  5. Hot water deep extraction to eliminate microscopic particles, dead skin, and excess water. 

Once your mattress is cleaned through the steps mentioned above, it will be rid of all dust mites and become safer to use once more.



Knowing when you need to engage a professional for dust mite cleaning will help prevent too many dust mites from gathering on your mattress. One of the signs you should call a professional to remove dust mites through services like mattress deep cleaning is when you experience asthmatic symptoms like a runny nose, difficulty breathing, sneezing, and a burning sensation in the eyes. You might also have nasal problems or irritated skin and eyes. It’s also best to call a professional for dust mite cleaning if you have sleeping difficulties or skin rashes. 

For reliable dust mite cleaning services, call DW Cleaning Group Singapore. 


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