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Water leaking from air conditioners is a hazard. They can cause damage to the furniture around them and put people in danger of accidents from slick floors. Knowing the causes of your air conditioner’s leakage will allow you to fix your aircon immediately, thus preventing the risks. One way to prevent your aircon from leaking is to schedule regular aircon cleaning.

This article discusses some of the various causes of aircon leaking water and their solutions.


Why Is Your Aircon Leaking Water?


Poor Maintenance

Poor or irregular aircon maintenance are common issues that lead to aircon water leakage. The amount of refrigerant used may not be in accordance with the manufacturer’s real product specifications due to bad maintenance service. This is why it’s crucial to have your aircon servicing done by trained professionals with an eye for detail.


Air Leak

Restricted airflow is one of the things that happen if regular aircon cleaning is not done. The evaporator coils may form ice if the air surrounding them becomes too cold as a result of the decreased airflow. You will have an air conditioner that is leaking water inside when that ice melts. 

One of the ways to check why your aircon is leaking water is by checking the aircon filter. If the aircon filters are clogged, it may restrict airflow in the aircon. This restricted airflow can also cause air to leak out in other places.


Dirty Air Filters


A dirty air filter prevents air from reaching the evaporator coil of your aircon. The drain pan gets filled with water when the ice melts off of the coils. Upon checking, you may consider replacing it if it is filled with dust and dirt. 

How often aircon cleaning should be done typically depends on its performance. However, every three months is the recommended interval for having your air filters cleaned. For your convenience, you may contact an aircon servicing company to engage in their aircon servicing contracts


Improper Installation

If your air conditioner is brand new and is leaking, it is most likely undersized for your home or was put incorrectly. Ensure the air conditioner was initially positioned on a level surface. Additionally, one of the things to look out for during the aircon installation is ensuring that the seals are properly placed. This is because improper installation can result in leaks because warm air from the outside will mix with cold condenser air.


Low Refrigerant Levels

Similar to dirty air filters, the evaporator coil in your aircon freezes over due to low refrigerant levels. The drainage tray overflows as a result of the coil melting and dripping into it. A hissing or bubbling sounds from your air conditioner could indicate a refrigerant leak.

If your refrigerant levels are low, you probably have a leak. Any refrigerant leaks can be found and fixed by a professional. This is why it is important to schedule regular aircon maintenance in Singapore. It ensures that your aircon’s issues are fixed so it can function properly. 


Clogged Drain Line


The drain can occasionally become jammed with dust and dirt. This causes water to overflow into the drainage tray. Most air conditioners have a feature that prevents water damage. It is the water-overflow cutoff switch that turns the unit off if it detects a clogged condensate line. Hiring a professional is the simplest and most effective technique to unclog a clogged drain line. 


Broken Condenser Pump 

Your air conditioner will leak if the pan that’s designed to hold water breaks down due to age or corrosion. You should observe water being released into the condenser pan to determine whether your pump is operating properly. If the condenser pan is empty, call for an aircon repair service to have your condenser pump fixed or replaced right away. 


Damaged Drain Pan

If the pan designed to hold water deteriorates due to age or corrosion, leaking is very likely. To have this issue resolved, you may contact DW Cleaning Group Singapore since drainage trays are not readily accessible. 


Leakage In The Condenser Coil

Corrosion in the air conditioning system is the primary cause of condenser coil leakage. The condenser becomes overworked as the air conditioner coil keeps running, which eventually breaks and leaks. Fixing the leak is merely a short term solution. Your condenser will need to be replaced as it wears out. 


Fixing A Leaking Aircon Yourself

You can save time and money by learning how to repair your own leaking air conditioner, especially if the issue is caused by dirty aircon components. You might want to know about the indications that your aircon needs repair or replacement. Fortunately, this issue can be prevented. What we recommend is doing regular and effective aircon servicing

When cleaning an air conditioner on your own, bear the following in mind:

  • Turn off your aircon and unplug it from the power source. 
  • Take off the unit’s cover to check the vent. It is possible that the cold air is leaking into other places if the vent is blocked by debris.
  • Additionally, make sure to check the seals to determine if there are any air leaks, especially around the cooling area.
  • Check the condenser pump for any dirt build-up. 
  • To clean any traces of dirt, dust, or debris from your installed air conditioner, use a wire brush.
  • Use a cleaning fluid to completely remove any additional stubborn debris that may be stuck to the aircon components like vent, compressor, drain pan, etc. 
  • Dry your air conditioning parts thoroughly after cleaning them so that no moisture is left behind.
  • Reassemble and test your air conditioner after you have finished cleaning it to check if there are still leaks. 


How To Avoid Aircon Leaking Water Issues

It is important to constantly keep your aircon cleaned to prevent other problems. To do this, constantly look out if there is any dirt that has gathered or if any components have been damaged. Also, make sure to routinely clean its components to ensure that it will function well over time. 


Hiring A Professional Aircon Servicing Company


After a thorough cleaning, if your aircon still leaks water, there’s a good chance that some of the parts are broken. Hence , it is recommended to  hire a professional aircon company to repair your aircon. Make sure to choose a company that specialises in various air conditioning services when hiring a service provider to fix your air conditioner. Make sure the costs for such services are also reasonable and fair. You can verify that they provide their customers with high-quality and great repairs by looking at their past aircon projects and reviews.



The best course of action is to consult experts whenever you’re uncertain. An aircon leak can ultimately lead to  flooding, damaging your entire unit and even your home. Most air conditioner leaks can be quickly fixed with the proper diagnosis before they become major problems. If your aircon is dripping water, you might be able to fix the issue yourself if you know what to check for. Consult an aircon expert if you’re unsure of the cause of the leaks.


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