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DW Cleaning Group Singapore offers expert Marble Floor Polishing services for homes and offices all over Singapore. We have years of experience in giving high-quality service even just for an affordable price.

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Our goal in DW Cleaning Group Singapore is to give 100% Satisfaction for every cleaning service we provide.


Cleaning Methods

We offer cleaning methods like mattress deep cleaning, scrubbing, steam cleaning, deep vacuuming, and hot water deep extraction.


With Extensive Experience

Our team of technicians are trained and have years of experience in cleaning mattresses, aircon, sofas, carpets, and floor.


Point of Contact

Easily contact us via WhatsApp for your mattress cleaning needs. We will provide you with a direct quote after our customer support team has assessed the situation.



We offer professional mattress cleaning services at very affordable prices – zero hidden costs and 100% transparency.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Often Should Marble Floor Polishing and Sealing Be Done?

Most marble floors will retain their appearance after 3 to 5 years as long as they’re properly maintained. It’s best to have marble floor polishing performed every 3 years. However, this would still depend on the overall condition of the marble floor. To determine whether your marble floors need to be polished, you can engage professional marble floor polishing services.

How Can I Maintain My Marble Floor?

Since marble is a natural stone, it can easily incur damage due to chemicals. Thus, it’s best to just clean your marble floors with water. If this proves insufficient however, you can apply neutral pH cleaning agents. You should also make sure to clean any immediately. Otherwise, it may become harder to clean the stains on your marble floors.

Why Do Marble Floors Incur Stains?

Marble is a porous material meaning it is extremely likely for liquids to seep into it if not cleaned right away. Even if the marble is sealed, you should still protect it against any spills. Remember that once the marble flooring eventually wears out, the layer of sealant may no longer be sufficient to cover the floor’s surface.

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