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Our Carpet Steam Cleaning services can give you quality carpet cleaning at an affordable price. We will ensure that our services leave you satisfied without any hidden costs.

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Our goal in DW Cleaning Group Singapore is to give 100% Satisfaction for every cleaning service we provide.


Cleaning Methods

We offer cleaning methods like mattress deep cleaning, scrubbing, steam cleaning, deep vacuuming, and hot water deep extraction.


With Extensive Experience

Our team of technicians are trained and have years of experience in cleaning mattresses, aircon, sofas, carpets, and floor.


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Easily contact us via WhatsApp for your mattress cleaning needs. We will provide you with a direct quote after our customer support team has assessed the situation.



We offer professional mattress cleaning services at very affordable prices - zero hidden costs and 100% transparency.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Does Carpet Steam Cleaning Involve?

Carpet steam cleaning involves using a technique called 'hot water extraction' method. This process uses high temperature of the water and the pressure gets rid of bacteria and toxins from your carpets. This is also a better deep cleaning method compared to other cleaning methods.

What Are The Benefits of Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning your carpet offers a lot more benefits than simply using a vacuum to clean it. Here are some of the following benefits of steam cleaning your carpet:

  • It Gets Rid of Trapped Pollutants 
  • It Removes Dust Mite Infestations 
  • It Helps Prevents Molds 
  • It Extends the Carpet's Lifespan 
  • It Restores the Quality of the Carpet
Is DIY Carpet Cleaning Better Than Engaging Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning?

As much as you can clean the carpets yourself using a vacuum cleaner or your own steam cleaner, the outcome may not have the same degree of cleanliness that carpet steam cleaning by a professional can complete. Therefore, engaging a professional to perform carpet steam cleaning is better than DIY carpet cleaning.

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